Music Industry Exposed – Part 3 – Illuminati Puppets


Documentary from 2009 by Farhank. Follow me on Twitter @ Due to YouTube demonetising many of my videos, please …


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  1. wow I always thought that Eminem said my new name is Raymond not rain man…wow, good video guy!!! god bless you and all of us??

  2. using this series to slowly guide my still "Asleep" loved ones into the the truth . They always catch little quips/snippets of my comments about the entertainment industry and shake their heads as if im some overly paranoid nut job with no basis for what I'm talking about. THANKS AGAIN VC !

  3. how do you know all this?

  4. Jas M says:

    Em rattled numbers because of the movie rainman about an autistic man that was a genius mathematician same reason Jay-Z compared his flow to the man's math skills.

  5. timo sawo says:

    What would be grate is, you put those clips of them saying they sold theirs souls in every video when exposing. U no what I mean?

  6. I can believe all of this. The whole world is ran by the elites. And there nothing more than the puppets. They soul there Soul for Satan's World, Because every thing on this earth, is pretty much demonize. Satan has his hands on everything! There is no more love music, or even good music for that fact. All I know so many thousands of people are lost, listening to this music, And it does nothing but let sprits in especially when their saying it straight out there mouths. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS HAPPENING. ONLY HAVE ONE IDOL, AND ITS NEVER A HUMAN BEING. I PRAY FOR PEOPLE TO EAKR UP. U BEEN LIRD TO ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

  7. ohh no not the reading again….10 11 vids of reading….

  8. My question is, what about average common people who throw up the signs and imitate these artists, celebrity's or faces of media. Do they also go under demonic possession, selling their souls and as well mind control?

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