Music Industry Exposed – Part 4 – Illuminati Puppets


Documentary from 2009 by Farhank. Follow me on Twitter @ Due to YouTube demonetising many of my videos, please …


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  1. London M says:

    Boycott Hollywood..

  2. possession is very possible for disembodied spirits

  3. Heyimsilly says:

    I love these so much thank you

  4. Brian O says:

    I think some of this information is gold and I've been a fan of yours for quite some time.
    With that being said, I find it irresponsible of you & your channel to categorically dismiss demonic possession. Demonic possession is something that I have witnessed and it is, to this day, a cornerstone in my belief of God & the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a blessing to witness as it proved to me with absolutely no doubt that the spiritual realm is real. This with a couple of other experiences have confirmed my faith in the Lord.
    To see your statement in this video dismissing possession coupled with the fact that you are pushing it as absolute truth makes me question your motives and agenda. I find it very irresponsible on your behalf to propagate such information to a wide audience whether intentional or unintentional.

  5. Dude, i don't know if I'm making something out of nothing, but also look at Rihannas knees aswel…

  6. witchcraft sorcery so the amazing rapper is not a rappa if you got to do all that shame shame shame.

  7. they are aware before they jump.

  8. L Mendoza says:

    that 3 o clock is also an upside down cross my friend.

  9. Great series, thanks. and who is originaly posted from?

  10. I was just about to say the same thing Mike. You can be possessed by a demon/devil.

  11. great video and I believe everything he is saying

  12. great video and I believe everything he is saying

  13. Tlpa 28 says:

    Had to make it 67 likes…that 66 and 3 with the 3 o the clock at the end was a bit too trippy for me

  14. Tlpa 28 says:

    Wow… It just changed back to 66 in front my eyes..l. Wtf

  15. Tlpa 28 says:

    The likes I'm talkin about btw…

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