Must See ! How The Illuminati uses Television to Control Your Mind


A breakdown of how Television and the entertainment industry have completely destroyed all morals in society worldwide by using puppet politicians , demonic …


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  1. lo these morons are crazy

  2. knownhuman1 says:

    If you thumbs down this video, you are still sleeping!!

  3. Kawaiine says:

    So… It means Plane Must Hit the steel kite?

  4. Hamid S says:

    very good video. Everybody should watch this

  5. Nicky Wells says:

    First of all y all these ppl are acting stupid like y'all need to go to church and leave that devil alone that's not cool BC the devil is a lie UK what they need jesus in there lives and imma pray for them they crazy and all kinds of stuff like get a life grow up niggas damn all ways acting to sum devil shit fuck the devil?????????

  6. I'm Muslim and I'm suck of the hatred.

  7. We need more heroes like Snowden and Mr Herve Falciani . Thank you .

  8. Marky Mark says:

    No i'm not with you because my enemy is of one mind – and not this Zionistic babel house of bullshit. – people are different accept it.

  9. Kilo Byte says:

    Too much melodramatic music.

  10. Jamie Santos says:

    Oh….I see….the antichrist sports an eyepatch! Who'd a thunk?! The All Seeing Eye ( Hand over one eye symbol )  is a METAPHOR for satellites positioned in the sky to watch over us. These gods were human….just like us….and there was a great deal of infighting between these stepbrothers. For a little background, Enlil was the wrathful 'gOd'….he hated our very existence. Enki ( try not to get caught up in the name game if at all possible. Enki is just as plausible a name as Jesus or Siddhartha  ) was the benevolent 'gOd', bestowing upon his creations the capability of co-creating among many other 'secrets'. Our parentage should be questioned and our time spent getting to the root of rotten parenting. Focusing on the religious aspect of said parenting is futile as it results in absolutely no healing what ails us as a species.

  11. I can't be controlled by the illuminati

  12. please don't mistake Alan Watts with Alan Watt. Those are completely different people. Your video itslf looks like manipulation. Correct the mistake please. The Photo is Of Alan Watts philosopher and comperative religion scholar, the voice of Alan Watt author.

  13. I hate to say it but whoever is speaking, makes sense to me and just wish people would wake up. Glad to hear Matt Damon speak up on you tube video tonight. If you want to know how easy to brainwash people, try to find a documentary called, "The Wave" (that I never forgot and that's almost 30 years ago) because it was made at my high school. It's really hard to find the original…I recently looked for it and could only find interviews by people who lived through the a real life experiment which was to show how easy it is to control the minds of people in relatively short period of time…..I am not willing to give up my TV…too many interesting things to watch…good movies, reality TV….I've paid my dues…Wake up America…

  14. Hello. One stupid question: Why FBI has set warning to this video? Why they fear talking about Illuminati? How it can be dangerous in free USA? Could some real fbi guy explain that control clip?


  16. yes hate Islam more please

    we are "brainwashed" how?
    you think we are terrorists?
    you think we are "fags"
    you think
    we are nothing.
    blame america
    you are the ones who are the terrorists
    you kill children etc.
    thanks for being gr8 army for killing and blaming people then steal there land and oil
    gr8 work

  17. this whole illumanti celebrity shit is stupid,  they don't control tv either I am not saying there is no illumanati but I hope believes this horse shit

  18. Mike Becker says:

    Well' they've sure done their job well…. But wait' there's more' much more…!

  19. why — i –have NO TV

  20. Peter AUSTIN says:

    I stopped this video at 11:06, there hasn't been a rise in homosexuality. Homosexuality has been around as long as humans have been on the planet, it has only become more in the mainstream because it has been recognized that gay people who are human beings who deserve the same rights and freedoms as all other human beings are now able to live their lives normally without bigotry and oppression. The same bigotry and oppression that this video is trying to point out being perpetrated on the the people of the Middle East. Therefore I conclude that this video is not correctly informative but biased, bigoted and oppressive.

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