MUST SEE! World War 3 is upon us!


Shocking ! WW3 is here! Part 1 of the New World Order : Order Out of Chaos series . See my new video For those …


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  2. massta khann says:

    jews are all americans and fuck america and fuck obama

  3. Billionish says:

    40:40 "A credible united nations" Why the emphasis back then was on credibility speaks volumes

  4. Hondo Stone says:

    Fear not saints of God.
    Jesus will come before any nukes are airborne, and it will be Jesus Christ himself, who will burn up not only this earth, but the entire universe and then create a new heaven and a new earth wherein dwells righteousness.
    Come Lord Jesus, come!

  5. i wish  i was a cock roach they will survive anything

  6. TraTex says:

    No no no no i dont want war again

  7. TraTex says:

    Aight im brining my rifle with me

  8. The NEO CON NWO agenda is the greatest threat to every living thing on the planet they will not win but they will have a day of reconing the likes of witch will forever stop the madmen ruling elete having a place on this planet.

  9. lonnie1100 says:

    The israelis are nothing but trouble makers and should be reduced to a parking lot     " Just one American Soldiers Opinion".

  10. Bt Wmidtown says:

    I cannot fathom how a lot of people commenting truly believe that ending America will help them. Don't you understand that most Americans realize that our leaders are the problem? Do not forget that the real person pulling the strings is Mr. Rothschild. Where does he live? If you wish for the Atrocities to end, find and finish that family first.

  11. Gary Li says:

    china and russia XD vs usa

  12. 🙁 I'm to young to die I'm only 10 :(

  13. Mr. So Cool says:

    New World Order is Satanism !  That is what it is !  The Devil!  Wake up !  swear into illuminati satanic secrete society

  14. Warmongering Cowards, just like lucifers' children, to be so ignorant…"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here"…prolly why babies come crying into this existence…:)

  15. libraoct02 says:

    hang on to lord Jesus and your fears will disappear.

  16. zimmerman84 says:

    Roses are red violets are blue humanities fucked, our time is through.

  17. Mia6146 says:

    His aspiration is to get everyone to bow down to satan!!  Anyway the bible is clear that this will fail…..and then the antichrist!!

  18. Whatever happens, BE PREPARED 

  19. And as soon as I'm 18 I'll be joining the Army.. God, I don't want a world war three…

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