MUST WATCH Donald TRUMP – Anti- Globalization New World Order – ROTHCHILDS JESUITS


Should Watch Donald TRUMP – Anti- Globalization New World Get – ROTHCHILDS JESUITS


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  2. Carefully American citizens, Donald John Trump Russian terrorist !!! Do not let the fact that Donald John Trump shed American blood all over America! Donald John Trump fascist thug and the Russian Federation !!! Donald John Trumps should be expelled from America until it was bloodshed !!!!

  3. AndyLibra says:

    They bring up this new world order with every newly elected President

  4. Good luck with your new president selling your country to Wall Street and Zionists

  5. Zeek M says:

    This is leftist propaganda. He just kicked them in the back.

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  7. dd death says:

    You IDIOTS dont even know his real name.his REAL name is DRUMPF..a Eastern European JEW. Both his wives are mail order brides from eastern Europe. is a slave/worships Israel and russia/eastern europe, the source of all JEWS. JEWS have owned the White Race since "Christianity" was used to conquer europe. If the JEWS are dark skinned semites from the come ALL jews are White europeans? because the JEWS bred you out. ALL Jews are White, and only worthy White's can be Jewish. YOU worship Jesus, a dark skinned JEW. therefore the JEWS own the White race, literally, body and soul. Remember: Without the state of Israrel, Jesus cant return to save your soul. Why do you think EVERY presidential candidate MUSt pledge his allegiance to Israel and JEWS. Donald J. DRUMPF…a JEW. acting ,like a Protestant White. United states of ZION. DRUMPF the JEW used Race to get elected. And who are the most self hating Whites.of all.i.e. Racists? the most discriminated ethnic groups of europe..Irish and Italians. DRUMPF went to poor White areas of America..Irish and italian ghettos. T

  8. 888kaddy says:

    None of this matters …. We need every brilliant mind in the entire world to help fix fukushima…. or we won't be. Oh yes the NWO goes down with the rest of us.

  9. .
    Trump's New World Order
    please copy and paste that in to the search bar.

  10. We all have a reptilian brain! Hello!

  11. mageew1 says:

    Christian Prayer Warriors we MUST keep President Trump in prayer daily.   The battles we and he is fighting are spiritual battles and Prayer is our #1 weapon.  Please pray and ask God to protect him, and to give him wisdom to lead this nation wisely.  Pray for revival and pray that God will open the eyes of His people to discern who the real enemy is.   It's NOT President Trump.

  12. I left the Catholic cult long ago and had my name removed from the membership. Evil bastards…all of them.

  13. the clownnigger who seems fine with his assumption that the CIA runs all police forces in America is one sickening stooge

  14. the cocksucking jesuits created the NWO… remember when that cretin called bush "the first catholic president?"

  15. Hello my friends do you know that we are living in that long awaited period of RAPTURE? Many people are not aware that's why the bible said it will be like the time of Noah. When the world is busy and carried away by the activities of the world. Our lord Jesus wants us to strive to be ready because it will be like unexpected thief in the night. Do you know that before our lord Jesus will take us to his kingdom in heaven we must live in total holiness? Hello my fellow Women do you know that majority of souls in hell are woman?. The reason being that we love and adore materialistic properties of Jezebel. Few women who had NDE and went to hell, saw how those fallen angels otherwise known as demons in hell are torturing women because of abortions, wearing trousers, wearing all forms of rings, all forms of bracelets, all forms of extensions, wigs, weave-ons, all forms of make-ups, all forms of lip-sticks, expanding your butt-ox and breasts and showing it. altering your appearance, having sex change like man to woman, naked dressing, marking your body with piercings and tattoos, drinking alcohols, all forms of smoking, having sex while not married, idol worshipping, lying, stealing, fornication, adultery. So my friends my reason for making and putting out this list of lifestyles is to see whether it will help to save even one soul from going to hell. And to raise awareness that hell is real and we are consciously and unconsciously making decisions of where we will spend eternity. My friends do you know that hell and those demons controlling it doesn't distinguish between the poor, the rich, presidents, bishops, queens, head of states, prime ministers, pastors, archbishops, kings etc? All those titles and high positions are for this world as we live today. When we die we become equal before God almighty. Do you know that hell is worst than the most graphic horror film any human being on earth has ever watched or known by humans? Thousands are trooping to hell while very few makes it to the kingdom of God heaven. Do you know that our lord Jesus shed tears of blood to see souls trooping to hell? Lucifer and his agents mock and ridicule our lord Jesus that his death on the cross was in vain. Please my friends this battle to save our souls is fierce, difficult and really serious. Satan and his agents has multiplied their efforts, powers and resources to make sure that they will drag as many souls as possible to hell. Remember we are all in this battle together. Remember We must pray for one another and for the world. May our heavenly father have mercy on us amen.

  16. Fender Blues says:

    What is needed is a secret person who can take out all of these undesirables, once and for all. You know the ones I mean.

  17. Fender Blues says:

    What is needed is a secret person who can take out all of these undesirables, once and for all. You know the ones I mean.

  18. Rich Simmons says:

    What next Billionaire Bishops

  19. Rich Simmons says:

    Every that the Jew touches becomes corrupted

  20. Rich Simmons says:

    The fact the Vatican bank is the richest in the world
    shows that the Church is a fraud

  21. Globalisation plan is and always will be a flop.


  23. Trump has nasty jews all around him.The jews are hellbent on total destruction,especially the white race,which they pretend to be.The jews have infiltrated the catholic church to the freemasons.That is the enemy of mankind.Fuck Israel.

  24. the crossing of the arms in the catholic church are a sign to the priest that you don't want the eucharist…

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