My World War 3 Predictions


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  1. Camo bot says:

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  2. As of right now the terrorists can't really do much. But of course the government will f*** up the Iran (where most extremists are located)nuclear deal and something bad will go down.

  3. Dont you know ISIS stands for israeli secret intelligence service. the fake wahabbi terrorists are run by the US CIA and ISRAELI MOSSAD!!!!

  4. TheMook1012 says:

    Real talk homie…

  5. ozzyyooo says:

    I disagree. People say the next world war will be based around computer and technological warfare in regards to hacking and related manners. Honestly that sounds more likely to me. If it does end up involving actual warfare I think we could end up fulfilling the biblical prophecy of Armageddon. I'm religion so I believe in a day of Armageddon. I'm just not sure how it will come to fruition.

  6. this is a war, i have always never hoped to see. Because if it happens I will be fighting in it.

  7. Huey Freeman says:

    "Not really big bombs will be used, They'll have like smaller type bombs" (like saying im gonna drop a vehicle on your head, Not a semi truck, but a smart car) My nigga, I get what your saying, But that was stupid as fuck xD Very amusing though. So besides everything you got wrong, It's not gonna take invasions to defeat these terrorists. Armies can't attack ideas. Put simply, At the root of the conflict in the middle east is a sectarian conflict. Shia Assad/Iran/Goverment in Iraq Sunni Isil/Alnusra/
    A majority of the population of iraq-syria are sunni, being ruled, and oppressed by sunnis. Till thats changed, this is gonna keep happening, Take out the ones there now, more will be there to fill the void

  8. Peep "proxy wars".

  9. wthehellup7 says:

    Good Points On The Topic On How It Can Lead To A World War 3 You Just Left Iran Out They Are A crucial Sleeping Tower. Yo Boi Kent TV Finally Going To Score.

  10. Elijah Blood says:

    WW1 was fought against Russia, WW2 was fought against Russia. WW3 will be fought against Russia.

    One of the causes of WW1 was the Russia's defeat in the Russo-Japanese war, it's this war which emboldened the Axis powers to contemplate an all out war against the Russian empire, which demonstrated its weakness against the Japanese. WW2 was in part due to USSR poor military performance against Finland – Hitler has drawn up the invasion of Russia in response to USSR poor performance in that war which yet again revealed many weaknesses. In each case those were all huge miscalculations in the long run. So this time I think the tensions will keep escalating until Russia makes a blunder and reveals some weaknesses, which may embolden NATO to go full scale attack on Russia. WW3 won't start in Syria, but Syria will be where future enemies will be testing each other, trying to search out weaknesses. A much bigger war may start after the Syrian conflict is finished.

  11. Elijah Blood says:

    That Russia is US enemy number one is not a secret anymore, that is the official US strategy and policy at the moment. In fact US has tagged Russia as target number one at the turn of the 20th century. The Russo-Japanese war of 1905 was secretly funded by the Americans. If you look at those events now, it's precisely that war which destabilized the balance of power in Europe which led to WW1 and later also to WW2. US has been in the shadow of all the world's problems for quite some time now – in fact it organized pretty much all of them and profited hugely from it.

  12. David Snell says:

    Phil you have some great points. I think the war has already started

  13. Reflex Point says:

    There's no defeating terrorists with war. Only a cultural change within Islam can do that. We can't really force that change from the outside.

  14. Net Broker says:

    Russia and the US are not cordinating in Syria,the US is supporting the rebels whilst Russia is attacking them,WTF r u talking about?

  15. People always walk around with the "never will happen to me mentality."

  16. msms47 says:

    lol dam phliko u watch alot of cartoons ! thos isis alqada north korea all created by the big power countries ! they can not fight each other becaus it will be mutual deustractiion ! why u think USA biggest threat is N korea and they never done anything about them becaus Russia and china backing them up ! so USA made isis in middle east to contorl terirotys there like Iraq ( was russian ally Syria russan ally and iran ! and it worked they already got iraq and soon syria ! so if there is a ww3 it would be of thos small countries in africa south america and asia that get played by the big countries do to thier dick show off aginst each other

  17. DopeMarcus says:

    I agree with what you said here. i just hope i get the fuck outta los angeles before some terrorist decides to do some crazy shit over here

  18. Gary Turbo says:

    That's why if Trump is elected, I'm going to africa

  19. if war world 3 happens you better get out if Russia fast, because they're gonna hate you even harder there because of your darker skin tone

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