Myrtle Avenue London Heathrow arrivals [LHR] HD


Every large commercial plane imaginable landing at everyone’s favorite airport! Runway 27L Enjoy!


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  1. Traveller says:

    Excellent spotting position! Some really nice landing catches with fantastic engine audio! Liked! :-D

  2. Dc S says:

    did u ever go closer to the road ? and can you see the runway from up by the road ? thanks

  3. That BA 737 was a A320 with sharklets Google it ……
    Nice video love it

  4. blotski says:

    Top video! Thanks. I love watching them approach like that.

  5. Being a plane spotting geek would love to live in those houses

  6. Please can you tell me the camera you used

  7. Is it really difficult to get to that specific place to spot??

  8. Amazing video on channel mate! But the BA 737 was actually A320 with sharklets 😛 Just letting you know:) We all make mistakes XD

  9. 17:41 is a 737-300 not A318 also just a heads up:)

  10. 21:29 Is A320 W/ Sharklets Just to let you know:)

  11. Uzair Khan says:

    at 04:26 you are wrong, is is not a 737, it is an A320 with sharklets.

  12. Owen Evans says:

    Good stuff, although the small BA aircraft you saw were Airbus A320's, as BA no longer fly the 737.

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