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  1. Scarakus says:

    The Red paint the Mayan's used to paint the city was sacrificial blood… just guessing… they needed blood for something, lol

  2. John Henke says:

    The Inca did not build it. They found it that way.

  3. ok, so I was lured in by the thumbnail…?

  4. Robert Olson says:

    Why lie to seek truth 18 thousand years ago bullshit time line lie's

  5. Another channel trying to capitalize on somebody else's work.

  6. Italics Mine says:

    37:48 I guess back then they didn't care much about handicapped accessibility

  7. Franz Sammer says:

    the so called west is the worst animal on earth.

  8. Has the conqueror been asked to pay for their murder and war crimes since then??

  9. Rick T. says:

    The lies continue…


  11. Jodi Arnold says:

    wrong, the inca did not come over the bering strait, but evolved in amazon jungle came the Peru were they found early grasses that they would make to go into corn. read the story of the hero twins …the garden of eden is a western story good for western people the people of the south then moved north were they meet the tall lighter skin people that did come over from asia

  12. loopiewho says:

    what happened at 34:00 it just cuts off what information is missing ?

  13. wrong untrue , all megalithic structure were not built by humans , we never had this kind of technologies

  14. Alan Land says:

    Those megalithic foundations are not representative of what the Incas knew about construction, and even their historians say they inherited it. The technology is much more advanced, even though it predates the Inca.

  15. Phil Fflow says:

    I wish they would publish the date this so called documentary was made.

  16. Sue Venable says:

    What a LIE! They were not peaceful! They did huge numbers of human sacrifices from the neighboring tribes. It was the other tribes who asked the white men to unite them and help them fight! The white men did not have enough cannons to do much when outnumbered a few thousand to one. But the other tribes were tired of being sacrificed. They united behind the "Conquistadors" and were joyous for their help to stop the destruction of their people by the mighty Inca.

  17. what a load of shit i dont think theSpanish or anyone else would of defeated a nation that has men that can lift 100 ton rocks . so that tells me the incas had nothing to do with building any of them monuments, but then again it is from the BBC

  18. BoSsOm boss says:

    All such a bullshit story created for business.

  19. Dan Mimis says:

    so this is a documentary made by the evil white men about the evil the white men (see Francisco Pizarro and the like) did in the lands they conquered …

  20. Skinny Bob says:

    The incas lived "a peaceful life"? Bullshit. This was a culture who bred children for sacrifice, where a game of football keep to the death if the losers. The Spanish and Portuguese were not much better, but don't hid the truth. The Inca power structure did not benefit all those who lived at that time. This video is celebrating an essentially brutal abusive society. Please do your research.

  21. TheLance3185 says:

    Unwatchable due to way too many goddamn commercials.

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