Mysterious Deaths of Key 9/11 Witnesses Full Documentary, Check Discription Box View Blocked Video


Playlist Vids: The Elite’s (Illuminati) Contrived Disasters For A New World Order …


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  1. 9/11 was all true if your fucking brain dead…..follow the money it's always about MONEY and who has to gain by it

  2. Gerry Hall says:

    awful annoying music yet again ..can you just stop inputting your horrible tastes of music in a compelling vid ..

  3. Ela Lamblin says:

    N the music fucking sucks…

  4. Joseph Kulik says:

    I have no idea how someone who could create a GREAT doc like this one could, at the same time, have such a BIZARRE taste for music. Definitely, this documentarian needs some kind of "music therapy"!!! Maybe there was trauma in his childhood that warped his musical sensibilities as an adult. I don't know for, but there is just something wrong with a documentarian who can produce such a well researched, detailed, and thought provoking film and, yet, choose such patently malignant background music for that film. THIS GUY DEFINITELY NEEDS HELP,  NOW !!!

  5. MrAlsfan5 says:

    Bush/Cheney should be tried for murder and crimes against humanity and executed.

  6. Brightaqua says:

    Great channel. Keep it up, it's much appreciated.
    I like the music.. 😀 lol

  7. Mass mudering fucker.

  8. Sparrow Dean says:

    The sheer evilness of so-called human beings is just staggering. There really is no hope for us. Unless we are stopped we will destroy ourselves and the planet sooner rather than latter.

  9. Nick Vevang says:

    now that i think of it, very strange, cause im still alive and 99% of the people i know who saw it are, why so many of these witneses?

  10. @C0:36 "…Iraq's history of sponsoring terrorism .." ? – really ! tell us more do dear Dickie ! I was under the impression that Iraq's "ruthless dictator" gave very short shift to terrorist.

  11. dcbama3209 says:

    Obama's Satanic Town Hall Meeting (Guns in America) 1/7/2016 Signaling a Code 69 False Flag Event

  12. lmao at these musical insertions, who the fuck made this video little wayne?

  13. pbnaj says:

    3 men! Really? That is pathetic. I really hope that is not what happened.

  14. Andrea G says:

    Why mess up some solid arguments with numerology? I don't get it.

  15. todd anthony says:

    you ask if we heard what was said in the background of the ceecee lyles call. no. not with the crap music pumped up to 11. cmon bro.

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