Mythology Documentary Gods & Goddesses Part 2



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  1. axlleaf says:

    I find it somewhat ironic that the Greeks made the modern humans "men of iron" and our blood is iron based. Perhaps they knew that, who knows.

  2. Juan Carlos says:

    Greeks were superior, disobeying god was not a big deal also not finding an eplanation to the disapeareance of the golden age people simply say they were much more contemplative people. greeks weren't so paranoid.

  3. Ysabelle says:

    I like this, but I find it annoying the way they constantly refer to Christianity. Sorry for any bad spelling

  4. I do disagree with what he says about the "Myth of Fall of Mankind". It is not a myth like in the ancient Greeks it is a reality we can see its catastrophic consequences every where!!!!!!!

  5. No description available.

  6. I find greek mythology somehow very cool!

  7. shallonjade says:

    HAHA! Women: A beautiful evil

  8. pep7890 says:

    don't you mean coincidental, not ironic. I love how we as a society missuse the word irony/ironic. Irony = the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.

  9. Eldin M says:

    Prometheus was a titan, not a god.

  10. Xness24 says:

    8:33- the Radio! 😛

  11. Aura Marcano says:

    Wait, I thought Prometheus and Epimetheus was the creators of humans? And Zeus didn't even want us alive?

  12. supplement31 says:

    Iron..sounds like us…

  13. rguzman805 says:

    god of war padora lol

  14. Lora P says:

    they knew, they also knew about DNA and many many other things we dont give them credit for. look up the flower of life and sacred geometry. flower of life is how cells split and they drew it, considered it holy. its amazing stuff

  15. they have proof that Adam and Eve were the first humans!!

  16. ItsJustMarty says:

    It's not ironic, it's coincidental. If it were ironic it would be the opposite of the truth or what is expected. i.e. it would be ironic if "our" race was not the race of iron because we have iron based blood.

    Just a friendly correction.

  17. ouiotzes1 says:

    it isn't mythology my friend THAT'S why!

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