N-Vitral & Delete feat. Mike Redman – New World Order


New Environment Order from N-Vitral & Delete feat. Mike Redman is portion of N-Vitral’s brand new album entitled ‘Louder than a Bomb’ (T3RDM0260), which will be out there on June 27th, 2016 on each CD and electronic downloads.

Pre-order now on Bandcamp: https://thirdmovement.bandcamp.com/album/louder-than-a-bomb

► Abide by The Third Motion
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► Abide by N-Vitral
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28 Responses

  1. Mainframe says:

    this raw track sounds better than any of your hardcore track

  2. En N-Vitral was zo goed 🙁

  3. ruigerd says:

    I'm glad that n-vitral is making this kind of stuff, rawstyle could use some more industrial influence

  4. lonsdave dac says:

    vette track wel weinig hc invloed … eerder hardstyle RAW ….
    vette vocals !!
    dead to the new world order !!! we are angry !!

  5. crunk4124 says:

    The whole album sounds like the same.

  6. speed up 1.25 and enjoy!

  7. DutchCore says:

    deze hele EP doet me denken aan rawstyle, beetje jammer.


  9. Kan best begrijpen dat je hier als Hardcore liefhebber verdrietig om kan worden. Kom op man.

  10. Mike Giorgio says:

    what an amazing collab!! I love any single part of it!!!!

  11. IHtmrk says:

    Fucking dikke track. Vooral live. Bpm een beetje hoger.

  12. g0ld3nchee5e says:

    i love every part of this track but it think it needs a hardcore tempo part

  13. Like A Pato says:

    Vocals of Mike Redman are insane

  14. please N-vitral , don't be a Rawstyle Dj ^^

  15. Lord_I/CriM says:

    A little bit disappointed tbh, they are two boss…

  16. Ja jeweet says:

    I expected more when I saw these 2 names together…

  17. why are you bombing the netherlands

  18. Billy says:

    Fucking love this, big tune!

  19. DrussAFCA says:

    hmm not too enthoudiastic about this one. too much hardstyle elements for an N-vitral track in my opinion. would expect more hardcore-isch track (although both styles are more and more fading into each other these days). And I do like hard or raw style btw, just not as an N-vitral track 🙂

  20. Grekz30 says:

    finally! Rather dissapointing kick for this huge collab tho

  21. Jan Bednarz says:

    what a collab!! some heavy shit

  22. Fucking perfeeeeect!

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