Nas (1994 ) ” Illmatic “


Illmatic is the debut album of American rapper Nas , released April 19, 1994 , by Columbia Records . After signing for the label with the help of MC Serch , Nas …


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  1. heard this album a few times, came here to drop a like and then dip, some awesome shit right here though

  2. I'm 15 and NAS is now my number 1 favorite rapper.

  3. If this is what you love LISTEN TO MY TAPE.

  4. koldUMkilla says:

    Illmatic, The Infamous, Ready to Die and Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers were the stand out albums of the 90s, perfect 10/10 albums and all beast coast classics.

  5. HOBOBENET says:

    This album is so NEW YORK

  6. main fap says:

    1. N.Y. State Of Mind
    1. Life's A Bitch
    1. The World Is Yours
    1. Halftime
    1. Memory lane
    1. One Love
    1. One Time 4 Your Mind
    1. Represent
    1. It Ain't Hard to Tell

  7. Just speaking out of knowledge from past hiphop, but who can really compare nas to tupac as ive heard , tupac was one of a kind.
    No one else will ever be the man tupac was.

  8. Joe Marsh says:

    sorry Mac it's WU Tang much love to nas dough

  9. James Logan says:

    Listen to this track i think its pretty dope so im spreading the word

  10. Boo Lo says:

    real god son boo lo

  11. Good kid mad city and forest hills drive is right behind this album

  12. garrypan says:

    My favorite song is memory lane

  13. Keith Sims says:

    DAT nigga said pass the Andre #howhoodisthat #GOAT

  14. rj b says:

    whats ur top 3 nas albums?

  15. brilliant… i liked it ain't hard to tell….

  16. Alex Lala says:

    i was listening to this while doing my work, i didn't realise how fast 40 minutes could go

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