Must look at: “Using tobacco GUN High definition Alien Moon Structures Found! Huge Autos & Bases six/9/2015”
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six/8/2014 – Secureteam has captured a crystal clear UFO on NASA’s earth stream. NASA couldn’t disguise it rapid adequate.. Stay tuned.


44 Responses

  1. they can't wait to bring out the alien deception to scare us all

  2. We are not the only humans haha

  3. jrshl akil says:

    looks like a ladder to me lol

  4. Neo Pictures says:

    That just looks like a smudge on the screen or something.
    You conspiracy theorists look too deeply into everything.

  5. Tom Doan says:

    it looks like a Gibson flying v

  6. im pretty sure there is a image of a ship very similar to this from a few years back

  7. Im actually surprised they wouldnt have the feed on a delay

  8. Lexi Ofc says:

    It looks like a ladder ?

  9. T Faber says:

    First it's refugees, now it's the damn Aliens…..Trump said NO MORE IMMIGRANTS !!!

  10. that doesn't look like a UFO

  11. James Smith says:

    so that's where it went… spud gun is more powerful then I thought

  12. Kitty Name says:

    I feel like it's something with reflections or some shit.
    Even if it's not…
    Pretty sure we aren't the only living things in the entire universe…

  13. Marc taylor says:

    if you look at it sideways you can tell its a half disc!!!! I remember when i googled earthed the destination at the Antarctica where there is the same shape of the disc located!!! Great footage

  14. YaseiGaming says:

    Sorry… that was me…. I. threw trump.

  15. Oh God its the infamous space dorito

  16. Baby Snarls says:


  17. David says:

    and how much do they want to charge you to watch a black, blue or grey screen on live stream ?

  18. Marco Tonino says:

    Why put a live feed in space if you want to hide something?

  19. Jami YT says:

    "It's just a prank broo"-Aliens

  20. Kj_ Playz says:

    Damn..My paper airplane went FAR.

  21. Gary Bryan says:

    i believe this is a hiccup in the pool for which this was steamed/recorded in. a light came on in frame that shouldnt have so they had to stop the feed. you guys should look at some of the flat-earth evidence with an open mind. such as being able to see a structure at 30 miles away when its supposed to be 600 ft below the horizon if we were on this supposed globe. thats not a theory, its a fact. an accumulated 80 ppl own/control over half the earth, thus controlling what we all hear and see. im not telling you what to believe, im just saying open your mind, take in all the evidence, and dont dismiss anything without first looking into it in depth

  22. Hunter Dixon says:

    Oh no I'm sooooo scared ?

  23. seth farley says:

    ITS STARFLEET, lol that is straight up a starfleet logo XD

  24. WALTER says:

    Just a thought. If the entire population of this planet earth sat down for a year, repeating, trillion, trillion, trillion etc, add them all up in miles, I do not know the end figure of this exercise. All I do know we as humans will never ever travel that distance. Therefore we will not know if there are other planets , like earth etc on that journey. Therefore we will never know how the UNIVERSE was created and by WHOM!!!!!!!!!Do you all believe in GOD???????????

  25. Is your ass jealous of the amount of shit that just came out of your mouth?

  26. lian wilson says:

    at 3:00 a triangular shap object is on the left of the screen

  27. I've heard by yourself your reflexion about the V shape logo from every mission emblem and the link with ovnis. I never thought about that buy asking myself why the ovnis will not be symmetric… If aliens creates spacecraft, they will (I think) build the shape for efficiency and utility and non symmetric is not so usefull…

  28. noo… not ufo, it was a submarine 🙂 a yello one 😉

  29. Marco Rens says:

    Iff you look good,you can see more than only that one ship.I have seen about 7 ships,all smaller than the ship,we can alle cleary see.The other 6 ships are not realy smaller,but because they are futher away,than the ship,we can cleart see,its looks like they are smaller than the cleare ship.LOOK GOOD,AND YOU ALSO SEEN THE OTHER ^SHIPS!!.

  30. frist to comment on 2017

  31. i already known alians had been o iving so yeah

  32. Zane Z says:

    it's a fucking flying cheese grater

  33. Total T says:

    Earth is safe again. We all know if Aliens come to Earth, ICE will round 'em up and send them back, before they ask for food stamps.

  34. Tord fan says:

    Yeah i watch the ISS livestream of it looking at earth and sometimes it will stop and a screen will appear: it says technical difficulties

  35. toggy0299 says:

    what a load of bull. HD? I've seen clearer answers from Theresa May.

  36. this is really creppy but amazing that you filmed this !

  37. Pello B says:

    Ok this is really no evidence…

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