Netflix – Making A Murderer – Episode 1


He served 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’s on the line again, and some want to see him put away for good. The 10-episode documentary series …


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  1. John Tonks says:

    sickening, I think they believed that Steve was guilty from the beginning, after realising his not with evidence, chose to close the case instead of taking blame, hid it. thus making a murderer.
    I'm only on episode 1 but from what I see his just rough looking, doesn't mean his dangerous, he just don't fit the regular code, it was the 80's, a lot of serial killers were around that time, but most were clever well spoken, guess its easy to just quickly open and close a book, whether you judge the cover or not,

  2. Psichotica7 says:

    If Steven's father was a cartoon he'd be Carl Fredricksen from Up.

  3. Marie Joanne says:

    i wonder how many of these cases exists in the world…of innocent people being locked up for a lifetime without anyone doing anything for them.

  4. Oh shit.. The fuck corruption is obvious this guy is innocent ?? definitely they ruined his life.

  5. Ruby Udd says:

    Watching this gave me goosebumps. Such a shame that this man lost 18 years of his life..

  6. Just started to watch this and can't believe his stupid cousin Sandra. I can imagine my cousin's, especially Leslie and Stuart, (Sorry lads, but it is true!!) doing the same daft things Steve did because they would think it funny. They would know that I would know that they didn't mean it as their dad would beat the tar out of them if they hurt me. You can see in her face she is being a vindictive bitch but even she won't cross the line and agree to everything written by the police.

  7. Frank Rice says:

    If an organization can plot this against a low IQ man and family just imagine the magnitude of power it took to cover up the murder of JFK

  8. America country of freedom and human rights? BULLSHIT!!! In America, the government and the authorities can kill and judge but they are always in the right. USA are Police Murderer State, like Saudi Arabia and other fanatical Islamic states!

  9. OJ Simpson was guilty for murder but as a rich star he was acquitted, humans are not equal before the court, there are rich and famous and poor people, the poor are always guilty and the rich and famous people are very often innocent by corrupt judges and state!

  10. yunikage says:

    – IQ of 70
    – lights cats on fire for fun
    – ran someone off the road and pointed a gun at her

    Don't really care if he's guilty or not, I'm glad this piece of human garbage was put in prison. It's too bad he isn't dead.

  11. Kaneki Ken says:

    Is there any other ways to watch this series? Because we don't have Netflix here and I really wanna know what happened next… pls help me

  12. Geboh ツ says:

    i live in this town…..

  13. Bobby Duke says:

    Anyone thinking justice has been served with this man being where he is because of a mistake he made when he was younger that involved burning a cat….. You are deluded, egotistical, self-righteous, fools.

    You are guilty as all hell of personally causing direct harm to countless life if you eat meat, dairy, or anything processed or packaged. If you use single use plastics you are directly and personally responsible for the deaths of countless marine and other wildlife. You hypocritical fucks make me sick. You are no better than what you condemn. You are worse in fact. Having the audacity to shit on another while you happily contribute to the genocide of life on this planet.

    Do I give him a pass for what he did to the cat? Hell no. I love animals. I also prove it by doing my best to not contribute to mass extinction and purposeful animal torture for the sake of making a buck. He surely deserved punishment for that action. He got punishment. He paid his debt.

    My god. Imagine just for a second that it was someone you loved or cared for? Better, that it was you in his shoes. Getting railroaded all your life for something you didn't do. Losing all the best parts of what makes you who you are, slowly and painfully, through the long years. The vast, VAST majority of you can't even comprehend this. What it means to sit in a little room, forced to sit there at that. Being told it's for something they know you did without a doubt. You didn't do it, but, it doesn't matter. Fighting like hell and just keep getting the same answer of " yes, you did do it" over and over and over. For 18 years this happens. Finally when the wrongs are slightly righted and you get out…. the slaps in the face continue as the people responsible get easily off the hook. So you go for self retribution at least and try to make them pay SOMETHING… and they just put you back as if to say, "Hey!! We were nice enough to let you out. This is how you repay our limitless mercy? Get back in there!!!"

    Just my opinion, but, I think that is just a tad extreme.

  14. zekeboy24 says:

    So does everyone agree that they think it was the cops that killed Halbach and framed Avery?

  15. censorious says:

    that bitch should be punished who could not even have a look at theface of her attempted rapist/ass kicker and should be shamed so more bitches don't do mistake.

  16. Steven Avery is Undeniably innocent, if you watch the all the episodes from 1-10(This is just episode 1) you will come to the same conclusion. In Episode 4 we find that Avery's Blood DNA was stolen from evidence locker and was probably the same one that was placed at the crime scene (box and test tube was tampered with). The biggest giveaway, was that there was DNA but surprisingly no fingerprints of both Avery OR the victim(suggesting that it had been wiped prior to the tampering). Why would there be DNA but no fingerprints in the car? If he was wearing gloves there shouldn't have been any blood if he was bare handed then there should've been fingerprints.

    Brendan is a kid with 70 IQ, and a special learning disability, the state exploited his condition and made him say/confess that avery was the killer despite no physical evidence to prove it. If you watch the interrogation that's shown in the documentary it was clear what they were trying to do as they prevented his attorney and mother to intervene and yanked him straight outta school. You could've easily made Brendan confess that he caused 911 if you watch it.

    And that's all just the beginning guys there is just soooooo many more holes in the cop's story and inconsistencies (and you can actually see their nervous body language every time a "cover up" is mentioned) that if you watch it you'll know whats going on!!!

  17. 李秋生 says:


  18. latbat58 says:

    "…when steven avery didnt even own a undewear" LOL

  19. latbat58 says:

    What is DA or MR or other stuff

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