NEW ‘ : 2012 Illuminati and NWO Full Documentary ! Last call


Part 1 in a documentary about the new world order . Part 2 will be about 911 .


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  1. fuck new world order fuck you uliminat
    you anti christ fuck off you are bull schit

    wij hebben allah swt islam is the best way

  2. Really dude?

    1/3 of America know about the NWO?

    Where is the source of that statistic?

  3. Some research here:

    Murdered by the Monarchy: /watch?v=yErDq0laWHA

    Lady Die: /watch?v=iWQtSQdfwlQ

  4. YunG JC says:

    The illuminati have technology thats hidden from the public, its scary, there like 50 years ahead of us in technology . Notice shortly before JFK gets shot, he gets blinded by something that kept him still so they can get a clear shot.. They blinded him, omg

  5. Faizu Shaikh says:

    there are challenging to humanity, friends if you really have faith in GOD, try to find out coz they dont want god believers. so this is fight is with god n satan. its up-to you where you choose to stand.

  6. God is coming are you ready to go home?

  7. We are at the end it's Clear! The only problem is that many of us are slept!
    May God open the eyes of my brothers and sisters for they don't know where we are!

  8. dude, this vid would be better without the creepy music while Kennedy is ding his speech. Other than that, nice vid.

  9. some paranoid bitches… if u all really want to stand for something why dont u actually go out and do something? u know instead of sitting behind a screen making utube videos to "wake people up"… or better yet spend the time trying to make some more money… who knows u could be very successful and other people may start calling u an illuminati member

  10. just open your mind./..

  11. rasta man says:

    what do you suggest they do themselfs to wake people up besides putting up videos its the only way

  12. MarcusN says:

    Internet is the best way to distribute, and send messages to other people you dumb fuck.

  13. i stand by my comment…

  14. i need to get more people against them we all need to they don't care about us but they need us to fufill that "new world order" they might call they shots but that's ecasue we are all to lazy to anything the more people the bigger the attack on these satan worship maniacs God is the only one I worship even if he doesn't show himself he is the one and only LORD

  15. Bruce Lee was definitely one of those who were being silenced….they thought he would be a threat to them so he was killed.

  16. nothing gets by you huh

  17. Ducksoup67 says:

    TIM RUSSERT (RIP): Number 322?

    GW BUSH: heh heh… shakes his head.

  18. Ducksoup67 says:

    I'm surprised they did not include the scene in The Big Lebowski. The date that The Dude writes in his checkbook is Sept. 11, 1991 – the same date George H.W. Bush gave his "this aggression will not stand" speech.

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