New Arrivals – Decool 3368B/Decool 3368C (Unboxing New Color-Versions)


White and Green Porsche 911 GT3 RS Model Building Blocks Set. Bought on Aliexpress –


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  1. its Decool 3368B and Decool 3368C. Lepin 20001 only have orange colour for your info

  2. Abhinav Jain says:

    is it just me or does the white version look better than the official set?

  3. are these real lego parts or no

  4. I love the white one, especially with red rims! :D

  5. Tommy Yu says:

    White version looks way better! Do you have a link where we can buy the white ver.?

  6. Piotr Muszel says:

    I am waiting for Your review! I heared that Decool quality i better than Lepin (especially we can see it on tires).

  7. Th0mas2471 says:

    The quality of fake Lego bricks is getting higher. But is it high enough to keep these fake bricks together with original Lego bricks or do you separate it?

  8. how is the quality compared to the Lego pieces?

  9. RawikCZ says:

    i very hate fake lego

  10. Denis Sdukos says:

    Máte přímo odkaz odkud jste kupoval? A za kolik?

  11. caosoftware says:

    hi frantisek, in your opinion what copier are the best ? for those who cannot afford lego technic at normal prices ? (and not I dont support fake lego) is only a question from the first set of lepin you analize

  12. Please post AliExpress link in the video description.

  13. Are those Fake legos much badder?

  14. you should increase your ISO

  15. Have the white one and the official lego one both are great

  16. I was wondering if the lime and orange colors match the Lego colors ?

  17. Is LEPIN the chinese subsidiary company of the Lego Group ?

  18. I am really wondering how these clone brand companies have managed to acquire all the molds to make the vast variety of elements needed in these sets. And unfortunatelly must admit that at least in pics and videos the lime green and white Porsches look great. The price of 53 usd, is it per one model or all 3 together?

  19. are You gonna make a full video about those models?

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