New Ebola Czar: A Bureaucrat with Zero Healthcare Experience Who Helped Fuel Housing Bubble

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Melissa Melton

Yesterday, I couldn’t help but get a little sarcastic over the announcement that Obama was considering appointing an ‘Ebola czar’.

Well, now he has, and the guy has absolutely nothing healthcare related in his background at all.

New Ebola Czar A Bureaucrat with Zero Healthcare Experience Who Helped Fuel Housing Bubble


Meet Harvard Law grad Ronald “Ron” Klain, Obama’s new “Ebola response coordinator” also known as the new Ebola czar.

Here are some career highlights (summed up from Klain’s Wikipedia page):

  • Chief Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination
  • Chief of Staff and Counselor to Attorney General Janet Reno in 1994
  • Assistant to the President, and Chief of Staff and Counselor to Al Gore in 1995
  • Appointed Staff Director of the Senate Democratic Leadership Committee in 1995
  • Worked on both Bill Clinton campaigns, oversaw his judicial nominations and was General Counsel to Al Gore’s recount committee in the 2000 election aftermath
  • Led the team that won Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg confirmation
  • Heavily involved in John Kerry’s presidential campaign
  • Named Chief of Staff to Vice President Joe Biden in 2008
  • Was considered as a potential Rahm Emanuel replacement for White House Chief of Staff
  • Signed off on President Obama’s support of the $535 million loan guarantee for the utter failure that was the solar panel company Solyndra

His wife, Monica Medina, also happens to be special assistant to the Secretary of Defense and an environmental activist.

In other words, Klain is a lawyer and a bureaucrat through and through and through — a “yes man” with zero medical background.

Someone please explain to me how this guy is even remotely qualified in any way to help coordinate a response to Ebola that our own CDC director has failed so miserably at? Is he going to write the virus some smashing speeches?

But I’m not the only one saying that. U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee and senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, released a statement titled, “American Public Should Have ‘Zero Confidence’ In Ron Klain As Ebola Czar.”

Here’s a nice little excerpt:

One would think, faced with the prospect of an epidemic, the President would task an expert in epidemiology not an expert in political spin. Sound bites are not going to deter a single infection or save a single life. The American people can have zero confidence in Ron Klain’s competence to carry out this critical role.

At the senior levels of this government, in positions of extraordinary responsibility, the President has surrounded himself with loyalists—individuals who were selected precisely because they are not independent, will not tell the President ‘no’, and will not have any problem in feeding bogus political spin to the media. [emphasis added]


What was Obama’s main question to Klain at the interview for the position? “You haven’t grown a conscience since the last time we talked by any chance, have ya?”

(I know, I know. I’m being sarcastic again. I just can’t physically help it.)

Oh, and did I mention Klain was a lobbyist… Oh yes, and not just any lobbyist.

This is a direct Wikipedia quote freshly updated today:

Klain helped Fannie Mae overcome “regulatory issues”. Lobbying on “regulatory issues concerning Fannie Mae” in 2004, as disclosure forms indicate Klain did, involved convincing Congress and Fannie Mae’s regulators that Fannie Mae wasn’t doing anything dangerous, and wasn’t exposing taxpayers to risk. In other words, Ron Klain got paid to help fuel the housing bubble up until a couple of years before it popped. [emphasis added]

Isn’t that nice?

The man helped fuel the housing bubble up until two years before it popped.

So in other words, am I reading this correctly that Klain had a decent role in screwing over everyone from the American people to the rest of the globe leading into what is otherwise known as the Global Financial Crisis and something many economists have referred to as the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression, which led to mass foreclosures, massive unemployment and even more massive big bank bailouts which are continuing to screw Americans over today?

So he’s not just involved in government failure, he’s involved in planned, manipulated government failure.

This guy is being called in to spin the risk.

Now that I’ve pointed out this fact here, I’m guessing someone is going to change that Wiki page by the way, so here’s a screen capture of it. (Click to enlarge.)


So, to sum it up, Obama just chucked a bureaucrat with zero medical expertise at the Ebola crisis, and not just any bureaucrat but a lawyer and former lobbyist who helped fuel last decade’s housing bubble which led to the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

And notice it says he was involved in convincing Congress that Fannie Mae wasn’t doing anything dangerous or exposing taxpayers to risk…

There’s a punchline here about convincing us that Ebola isn’t dangerous and we aren’t exposed to risk here either…but I can’t seem to fully articulate it, because I’m too busy trying not to laugh like a crazed psycho at the cartoon our federal government has become.

As I wrote about just the potential of an Ebola czar yesterday, “To clarify, Obama is going to appoint an Ebola czar to tell him more nonsense about how to stop Ebola from coming here other than banning the very flights which Americans have been told are the only way Ebola has ever come here in the history of its existence.”

Now, nearly 100 lawmakers are in favor of West African travel restrictions…but, nope. If this was really the threat it has been cooked up to be, wouldn’t they ban it? Otherwise it looks like they’re leaving it wide open for Ebola to come here. Even the African nations considered the “Ebola hot zone” closed the borders to help contain it…and they are considered the freaking Ebola hot zone!

Not that anyone really has much faith or trust in our government left these days (and some, like me, have negative amounts which I didn’t think was even physically possible until this  year), but please take a moment to consider what you’ve just read in relation to this guy coordinating our government’s response to one of the deadliest, most highly infectious diseases on the planet.

This is the level we’re at.

Don’t you feel so much safer now, America?

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