New EMP Weapon Used On Citizens In Spain


By Diarmaid O Seigefriede

(Sovereign Independent)

In Spain three weeks ago in a town called Alzira population (maybe about 50,000 people) 30 kilometres south of Malaga a big shot politician flew in by helicopter. The landing zone was in the local police station which was based close the centre of the town .The politician was coming to the town to sort out the compensation claims and worries of the peoples where a nearby local forest and bush fire had damaged property .These forest and bush fires are a common event in the dry October end of summer tinderbox Spanish country side.

The difference this time was that the local police force used some high tech device from the police station that caused most all electronic items within 500 meters of the police station to be knocked out for about one hour.  The Police told the locals it was a safety wave .This safety wave effect lasted for about one hour in the early morning times while the Helicopter flew in and about one hour later flew out. The effects were no mobile phones in that 500 meter radius of the police station would work. No cars within that field effect could be made to start their engines. All other cars outside the region were not allowed to enter this safety wave region so it’s not known if they can knock out engines that were running at the time of the safety wave event.

All satellite TV and cable TV devices in the safety wave region were knocked out also. We are talking a region festooned with multi story apartment blocks with hundreds if not thousands of normal Spanish going about their normal lives unaware that there was some sort of test of a safety wave device about to be given to them.

There seems to have been other unconfirmed issues suggesting pace makers and other medical devices were effected both within the safety wave region and possibly further than the safety wave field. There seemed to have been a local spike in death rates that day and for several days it was rumoured that the local funeral homes had a spike in burials.

There was no forewarning to the locals about this Police safety wave machines existence or its deployment for that day. Only under severe discontent from the locals suffering some bizarre event early morning in the central part of town forced the police to tell the locals they deployed this safety wave machine. The local and Spanish Main stream media didn’t mention this event which is pretty much the norm in Spain where the main stream media tows the political commands from the government.  I was passing through the town a few days after the event to visit friends and got the story from the locals who were not happy to be the receiving end of these high tech devices that they had no idea even existed in their obscure stick Ville town in Spain.

This device is probably an offshoot of the Iraq war where to defend helicopters landing in the city centres from missiles and other attacks. If a jamming signal jams the incoming missiles electronics there is an increased chance that the missile will miss the target be it helicopters or the local police /army bases or even the Parliament or town halls.

Any attempt to launch missiles within the 500 meter radius protection zone will probably mean the missiles trigger and guidance systems will fail. Any attempt to use car bombs or ramming the target with modern cars or trucks could be more likely to fail. The bombs trigger systems could fail also. However older fashioned cars and trucks which don’t use electronic systems could be more able to get past these safety wave devices and bomb and IED trigger systems can be made to resist safety waves using shielding systems. Most modern new cars from about 1999 to 2000 are also now running using electronic systems and are actually designed to cause the car engines to quit when the police trigger the safety wave devices near to them. These smaller mostly hand held devices that police cars can use are to disable cars within 100 meters of the cop car with the safety wave devices. All police car in modern European countries could soon like the USA police cars which are now able to stop most all car chases using these hand held safety wave devices. The Police car in the USA in car chases now triggers the safety wave device and the modern car that is being chased by the USA police car will suffer the motor stopping when its electronic ignition systems receive this signal to stop the engine. The result is the car chase finishes sooner.

However the same safety wave signal from the USA police is causing several other cars within the field of the police car to also stop their motors with no warning and this has caused accidents to innocent parties who were not involved in the car chases. This hand held cop car safety wave system could also lead to more motorway pile ups like the recent London UK M25 crash that killed several peoples. This larger safety wave jamming device will probably affect most all electronic devices within the protection zone estimated to be 500 meters radius. It is probably some sort of massive EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) devise that creates a local magnetic pulse causing electronic devices that are not protected from this safety wave devise to fail. The biggest risk from cops having these devices in Europe or elsewhere and randomly using them is that anybody on pacemakers and intricate medical devices like diabetic pumps could suffer injuries or death from an unannounced use of this safety wave machines in their regions. If the police forces supply some warning such as one day in advance their intention to deploy the safety wave the bad guys Al-CIA-DA (Al Qaeda) would receive forewarning a big politician is coming to town. The Al Qaeda might know ways to circumvent the safety wave from their CIA training manual meant for the rent a bogie man Al Qaeda terrorists.

They Al Qaeda know for instance not to use no electronic solutions for attacks The CIA manuals for Al Qaeda would suggest use primitive mortar fire or use older vehicles for ramming targets and shield electronics for IED and detonators for bombs .

Until more information arrives it could be advisable for all peoples on pace makers or similar medical devices to try not to live beside sensitive targets like Political centres, town halls, army or police stations. We can assume that all of these places in Europe will get these safety wave devices devises if they don’t already have them. Expect more false flag attacks from AL-CIA-DA units to European
targets to drag Europe into a war with Iran and Syria as the USA army forces hasn’t sufficient army strength to do these wars and will try to ensure Europe fights these wars alongside Israel and the USA. We can also assume these safety wave devices will increase their range from the present known 500 meters. If enough points in the towns have these safety wave devices the whole town will become a non-electronic run town for the duration of the safety wave which could be made to last weeks or months if the powers to be decide to use them in that way. Even Hospitals which would generally not have EMP or safety wave protected equipment could suffer huge spikes in death and injury rate while a safety wave is pressed into service nearby to them.

Research is still on-going on this event or similar events in Spain and Europe or world-wide. All feedback from all sources especially army and police force members who have worked with these so called safety wave devices appreciated
Diarmaid O Seigefriede

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  1. dogboythecat says:

    Here’s the thing…. if I expected an EMP device might be used, I’d install a failsafe device with a mechanical timer, to be automatically triggered on total electrical failure. Let’s face it, THAT technology has been around since the 1800’s. I’m not even trained on that aspect of bomb making, but it does seem kind of obvious.
    As a hint to those who might feel a need to rise up against their repressive government or those who might employ electronic devices against them… do a little research… short-range EMP devices are easy.
    Have fun, kids…

  2. Coming to the US soon….

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