New Evidence Proving That Walt Disney Was Frozen After Death Cryonics Myth



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  1. Don farlan says:

    he doesnt need to be concerned with hell

  2. Bunniez Time says:

    If he was frozen, they wouldn't even tell us. They aren't that dumb ?

  3. I'm about to crap my pants Walt is my hero I have to go see him

  4. Seth Bangard says:

    Walt should just stop being frozen in ice and just let It go

  5. I don't think this phone call is real

  6. angieexbabie says:

    what about roy disney?

  7. Black Voice says:

    Walt Disney is frozen, 100% fact. His daughter has been trying to cover it up for years. He was very much into futuristic ideas and took the chance. There was a whole show about it in the 70's but his family had it banned.

  8. Black Voice says:

    I have a close friend who manages the Disney Museum in San Francisco and she says it's always a hot topic to talk about with all the coworkers. Almost all of them believe he is frozen in an Arizona facility.

  9. Libbykat5 says:

    ok ik this sounds crazy but you seem to be an expert in hacking things about disney, as a viewer i have a request, when i was very little i remember waking up late at night and seeing this show/movie that had walt disney, scar and other disney characters it talked about him being frozen and scar was one of the narrators and or character in it, id relly appreciate it if you could see if you could check this out and find sumthing about it so ik im not crazy, much appreciated, please post a video if you do find something

  10. nataliexjean says:

    This is the fakest shit I've seen. Lol no proof here.

  11. Wow. And people believe this… Dude, he was buried. He even has this whole little courtyard he's buried in, they wouldn't build his grave if he was frozen, also, Walt was an amazing man, they would bury him with some respect not freeze him. Stupid, stupid people. Disneyland Hacker is definently the stupidest Disney you tubers I've ever seen.

  12. Jerry Dunham says:

    What does it matter if he is frozen and wanted it to be private. For the family and friends this is a funeral, forefore the frozen, if it works, a time capsule.

  13. if walt disney wasnt frozen..
    let it go

  14. Are people this dumb? You can freeze anything for decades, we are finding mamooths in Siberia with skin and flesh still on them frozen for thousands of years!!!. If Walt was frozen then you have to ask yourself the possibility that either he is still frozen or that a way has been found to bring them back to this timeline. The only problem is how would someone react to their environment. As humans we can live in extreme colds and heats so we can adapt. You would need years after waking up to get adjusted.

  15. Recently the American Cryonics Society's Date Founded on there wikipedia page has changed from December 10 1966 to December 10 1969, I wonder if the American Cryonics Society has seen this video and has changed the date on there wikipedia page to hide the evidence you have found? also on there website it says 1969!

  16. can i freeze my penis and fuck some bitch from the future 1000 years from now ??? please be gentle with it, nice and slow , back and forth

  17. He was frozen since he was really ill and they didnt have the medicine yet. And now they do and when they wanted to remelt him somebody made his head FALL OFF!!!!

  18. It's people like you spreading fake science, fake news and utter nonsense that hoodwinks the uneducated uncritical-thinking voters into electing a scamming egomaniacal utter monster as president and bringing sheer idiocracy upon us.

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