New Madrid’s Giant Pipeline Bomb


“Virtually every natural gas pipeline in the nation is built over that fault,” Geller says. “You’ll see the explosion reflected off the moon.”

by Zen Gardner

We’ve heard a lot about the New Madrid Fault. Despite the dangers and warnings, the area continues to be flooded, fracked, drilled, HAARPed and tornadoed, all while being home to 15 nuclear reactors.

As if that’s not enough, there’s also a little known factor that will really make your hair stand on end. The fault zone is criss-crossed with major gas and oil pipelines delivering these volatile energy sources all over the United States.

Oil Gas pipeline map US
The main production areas and pipeline routes for natural gas (American Gas Association)

This company (ProLiance Energy) delivers Billions of cubic feet of gas per year through 19 major pipelines. Note how the pipelines cross the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

“You have four of the five major natural-gas pipelines come right through the soup in New Madrid, the soft alluvial soil,” says Gray. “They carry gas all the way to Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. If (the earthquake) happened during the winter, you’re going to have major-league problems on your hands. Try to explain to somebody why you cannot heat a nursing home or keep a hospital warm.”
– Ed Gray, Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA)
Riverfront Times

An earthquake in the middle of the country, along the precarious New Madrid fault, could have enormous fiscal and energy consequences. “Virtually every natural gas pipeline in the nation is built over that fault,” Geller says. “You’ll see the explosion reflected off the moon.”


Not Very Comforting

Now, if someone wanted to bring this nation to its knees, where do you think they’d strike? Looks to me the US has an exposed jugular. The globalists’ hidden hand is already tanking the economy, adulterating and hindering food supplies and deliberately toxifying the environment, all the while setting Americans at variance against each other and every imaginable enemy possible in order to create an atmosphere of fear, scarcity and ultimate dependence on some central power to save them.

But an event of this proportion would be devastating.

I don’t mean to spread fear, but we’re seeing a continual assault for whatever reason, natural and otherwise, on this entire region. We covered many of these possibilities in Dividing And Conquering America At The New Madrid Fault.

The Rats in the Nuclear Woodpile

What’s become a mind-boggling new development is the introduction of the nuclear “dirty bomb” factor, where suddenly flooding and malfunctioning reactors have become epidemic and our air, water and food at such dangerous radiation levels they won’t even report it. For all we know the Israeli Stuxnet virus could be crippling nuclear facilities worldwide.

And the Israeli “security” connection to these reactors is a documented fact, as well as their continued involvement in major false flag operations. Is this the rat in the woodpile carrying out the orders of the elite? They certainly have the track record for it.

David Icke just posted in his next newsletter lead in:

Giant security cameras and sensors were installed inside Reactor 3 and elsewhere on the Fukushima site about a year before the disaster by the Israeli company, Magna BSP. This specialises in producing ‘virtual security fences’ for military and civilian use that include an ‘electro-optical radar system’ and ‘stereoscopic vision sensors’. The cameras weighed more than a thousand pounds and were of a size and shape very similar to a gun-type nuclear weapon. Magna BSP is located in Dimona in Israel – the home of the massive Israeli nuclear weapons programme.

Israel is the elephant in the living room time and time again. Israeli ‘security’ company, ICTS-International, formed by Israeli intelligence agents, was responsible for ‘security’ at 9/11 airports; at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport where ‘shoe bomber’, Richard Reid, boarded his plane; and at Amsterdam Schiphol where ‘underpants bomber’, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was allowed onto his plane apparently without a passport. As a result, we have a police state, horrendous airport ‘security’ and full body radiation scanners (promoted by Michael Chertoff, son of a Mossad agent and co-writer of the freedom-busting Patriot Act).

Every surveillance and military company in Israel is controlled by Mossad – Israel military intelligence and global enforcer of the Rothschild Illuminati agenda. This includes Magna BSP. This is one of the cameras and sensors that were installed inside the stricken reactors at Fukushima and alongside is the design of a gun-type nuclear device.

Certainly something to be wondering about, and doing some serious dot connecting.

Keep your eyes peeled and your heart warm.

“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around us in awareness.” – James Thurber

Love, Zen

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  1. Carlos Willinais says:

    The weird thing IS, “is that what ever they NOW do, their is an invisible witness to it all”!!!!
    As their ”original intent” is written all over. Whether it’s pipelines along a major fault line, or nuclear power plants built on same & by the waters. Or an invention that “went nowhere”.
    Etc, etc, etc, etc, etc!!!! WHAT kind of Creator would do this? ONLY a Pseudo-Creator…..

  2. Vivek says:

    Excellent e. As always.
    Perhaps this ties in interestingly, though a slightly more esoteric angle.


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