NEW Prime Minister’s arrival – Metropolitan Police SEG Convoy


The NEW Prime Minister, Theresa May, of the UK arrived at Downing Street after being invited to the position by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to fulfill her new …


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  1. That Jag tho :O Did you give up blurring all the number plates since there was so many? :P

  2. Epic catch mate good to see the english priminister in a jag rather than a german BMW!

  3. mlps93 says:

    I hear she has a fancying of not caring about people's privacy online lol

    And what's with all the leave people jumping ship after they've wrecked it? I'm interested to know the process of how Boris Johnson managed to become Foreign Secretary, it almost seems like he's boarding a sinking ship.

  4. Amazing footage, great catch.

  5. 061zgz says:

    Great vid.
    Awesome quality

  6. Chivvy 147 says:

    Very good catch

  7. Classy Gamer says:

    How come it's four vehicles for the PM when they are in the U.K but it's up to 30 vehicles when they are in the U.S? You would think there's a gun crisis over the pond!!

  8. [*Sweet :o]

    Ü were well prepared for this! ;o]
    Great pass by response as they carry the prime minister!

    Best regards from me, Cris ✌

  9. E655Caimano says:

    Very nice video!

  10. Nice catch! Nice picture quality, I like the stabilisation on that camera

  11. Robby334 says:

    Great coverage thanks

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