New Top Secret Weapons – DARPA Documentary


New Top Secret Weapons – DARPA Documentary
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  1. Era Agu says:

    how to depend your soldier from rpg? dont go to middle east… you arrogant piece of s

  2. LOL I'm in the CIA and we got stuff that would make you shit your pants and you have no fucking clue.

  3. erkandemir says:

    USELESS:) Thanks for the tax payers

  4. who dares attack usa inside or outside usa, no one,just your friend saudie arabia.

  5. Henry Wayne says:

    The Marines had drones during the battle for the Philippines in 1945. I met a Marine mech. in the Hosp., he later died.

  6. Rob Smith says:

    NEW TOP SECRET weapons……on youtube…..Okaaay? 😛

  7. Lloyd McKay says:

    What a world!!!!

  8. YoYO Semite says:

    HI TECH REMOTE DESERT my ass…….there are tractor trailers driving along a freeway right behind them…..and a $2.50 level with a laser pointer on it, is a high tech laser calibration tool……this is BULL SHIT

  9. Alright Darpa; an asteroid heading to Earth size of NM what do you do? "uh in that case go get drunk, get a shit load of drugs , whores and party your ass off — best solution cause not even Cockaroaches will be alive after that one hits?

  10. The secret darpa weapon is a scalar energy, beam—the same one they used to turn the twin towers to dust.

  11. Dean Katana says:

    so fastest airplane ever fly's only 4k an hour , what up with the rockets that suppose to fly 40k , i'am confused now, its possible to fly into space 40k but not around the world faster than 4k, who is bullshitting here

  12. GiT BeLiT says:

    Not so secret anymore.

  13. InsTa Rewind says:

    Ahahahaha "terror" we terrorise you 24/7 !

  14. 神比克 says:

    More effective killing machines

  15. sdjohn says:


  16. Igec Novák says:

    New?? You got to be kidding me. Anyway… USA – go to FUCK yourself with your fucking war machine invaded countries around the world in the name of PEACE and FREEDOM.

  17. Jack Harnish says:

    that airplane could land on that sized forehead

  18. MSN Barca says:

    3:15 behind the guy!! WOW so close lol

  19. Those are black heart problems. Whsts wrong with you people. I get money to design things to kill with. Paid murders that's all same with Military. Sick

  20. This shits getting out of hand. Thank God Jesus is coming soon

  21. Cruz7700 says:

    22:05 that guy was wearing a mask like in the tom cruise movies. just saying.

  22. Wesley P says:

    10 min in they lift "35 pound" ammo cans but the scientist lifts them with no effort at all and they hit the table as if they are 2 pounds and not 35. even 20 pounds makes a big thus and i doubt a scientist would be listing anything 20 pounds so easily, let alone 35. those are fake ammo cans.

  23. Sio_x says:

    This video, marked as a documentation, is an advertising against the money waste of the DARPA.

  24. Safe Journey says:

    They must mean, it's Tesla technology, not DARPA technology.

  25. Kevin L says:

    DARPA is very useful, we have the Internet thanks to them and MIT for instance.

  26. Brian Cash says:

    the christian ,jews gang of the world love to kill and destroy the world intead built civilization for humanty to live better spendy money to kill instead save lives bastred

  27. Lance Love says:

    We don't need to get new weapons….we still have racism and slavery and reverse racism and laziness and hierarchy and justice predators and networking schisms and baby men who cry when they can't get thier way…

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