NEW WORLD ORDER | Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode 3


Time to expose the individual at the rear of the mask in the Episode 3 of Telltale’s Batman!

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Outro animation produced by Cranbersher:

Outro Track produced by “Teknoaxe”. It’s identified as “I’m in all places” and you can listen to it listed here


29 Responses

  1. Terry Hale says:

    look at the guy near lady arkham no expression

  2. lol I said that rhymed too

  3. best series I had ever watched

  4. Krim Lord says:

    Jack and Oz look so alike. He should cosplay Oz

  5. Jeremy cruz says:

    Who else noticed his arms?
    they we glitching at the car. lol
    So annoying

  6. Drew Stiekes says:

    2:40 in the last episode he had a white gun

  7. omg its lee's voice actor!

  8. Jasper Colde says:

    in this video, hes 26 and has no drivers license? goals. actual goals.

  9. sorry I ment heavy LoL

  10. why didn't you save Harry NOT lol

  11. John Tobar says:

    anyone else notice the voice actor for lucius is lee from the walking dead

  12. king of random has a video how to make batarangs btw

  13. I really appreciate how you [seem to] play the 'conflicted' side of Batman/ Bruce. Really lends to the dark intrigue of this storyline. Well done, Jack.

  14. jdpeacock1 says:

    Why is he naming everything after bat?

  15. chiarakiara says:

    in the gotham series dent was unstable and threatening from the start

  16. kick ice or ass? You said "let's kick some ice"

  17. Vicky is lady Arkem. sorry spell – check.

  18. DippinDaily1 says:

    He got injected when oswalt aka the penguin raided the debate that's why his personalities are split it's just coincidence he has a scarred face

  19. killa you says:

    do u watch gotham?

  20. omnimon 235 says:

    oily that is what a painguin feels like

  21. 1:19:44 Okay Bruce the cat isn't eating like royalty because there's nothing in those bowls

  22. candicepuppy says:

    I'm starting to think jack is uncomfortable with kissing and making out for one fact jack isn't dirty minded and also jack looked uncomfortable when he saw it and so did I then I threw up in my mouth a little but I'm ok a little bit


  24. summer of this episode: i want one!

  25. That bitch is a fucking pro with a bow staff

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