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  1. For your proof against the NKJV you need to consult Strong's Concordance – the NKJV just gives a clearer explanation of some of the words used in the KJV, as you will see.

  2. jew world order. satanism is judaism

  3. Lordani66 says:

    I have a question to KJVists – actually 3 – what about the apocrypha, which were at first with the KJV and ommited later with later revisions of KJV? What about the fact that King James was a FREEMASON!!! What about the Johannine Comma, which was mentioned in teh video but it wasn't said that The Johannine Comma was created in around 16th century, and the oldest original texts we have don't have it, it was a later addition.

  4. Nxsai says:

    I love this movie. It makes me cry everytime. Praise God for the KJV and woe unto those that add or subtract from it.

  5. 888American says:

    ZONDERVAN also printed the SATANIC BIBLE TOO..I dont trust them..

  6. Pastor Anderson, I have been seeing a lot of sites claiming that the KJV has been corrupted and one has to track down a pure Cambridge edition. I have no idea how to find a "pure Cambrian" edition. Should I be worried?

  7. Pastor Anderson, I have been seeing a lot of sites claiming that the KJV has been corrupted and one has to track down a pure Cambridge edition. I have no idea how to find a "pure Cambrian" edition. Should I be worried?

  8. filoIII says:

    Pastor Anderson, Did you give credit to Pastor Michael Hoggard for using his vids and voice in this presentation?  It's interesting, because you would call Pastor Hoggard a heretic, yet use his works.  Just wonderin'.

  9. I think I will be keeping my King James Bible!

  10. So here is an interesting fact in Iceland we have only one bible we might have different covers but we only have one translation available at any time. And to my horror i started comparing my current Icelandic bible to the nkjv verses being shown. Turns out the official Icelandic bible is based on nkjv.

    I had my suspicions already and had purchased a english kjv and it turns out if i want to learn the true word of god i have to learn it through english and i figure it might take longer to understand but what i will understand is the truth.

  11. The KJV Bible is a perverted distortion of God's Word.   ANY other version is better.

  12. 이믿음 says:

    저기 설교에서 킹제임스 성경을 사용하는데 자막으로 변개된 흠정역을 쓰면 어떻합니까?! 자칫하면 속을뻔–; 한국어 자막 똑바로 수정해서 올리세요!

  13. Politics Hub says:

    Does it matter what publisher your bible is? I have a KJV from Zondervan publishers and I was wondering if that's OK

  14. Jeremy.Stone says:

    what about the NASB

  15. DonkeyPunch says:

    When the apostles were in the upper room the Holy Ghost fell on them, not a room full of King James bibles.

    There are 2.3 billion bible worshipers, Satan has deceived them all. The bible has been interpolated. Constantine the sun-god worshiper had the bible compiled and King James who was really Queen James authorized the bible.

    You were born under the mark of the beast, you have already taken the mark of the beast and that is why you can buy and sell.

    Now suppose that you want to prove to God that you will not live under the mark of the beast.

    Then this is what you should do; take a King James bible to a big church and tear it up and at your workplace and before you pay for gas and groceries, rip up bibles and proclaim to the world that you will not be controlled by the mark of the beast.

    Then write and tell me how much buying and selling you are doing.

    Constantine (1st) beast compiled 50 bibles, legalized Christianity and set up the false prophet (pope). King James (2nd) beast, born 6/1566, 6th of Scotland, authorized a bible in 1611 that now has 66 books

    The king James bible is the mark of the beast.

  16. 1.30.30-45. As an Englishman I admire the Protestant Martyrs; Their faith is incredible, and I often reflect on their sacrifice.
     BUT, I ask myself,  HOW could  a loving God allow people, (of any religion or none,)  to be "burnt, stoned and debowled?"  I just don't think God is there, and if he is he can't love us.

  17. Jon Scott says:

    Pastor Anderson, is that Barry Smith from NZ in the beginning talking about the US dollar?

  18. Five minutes was enough for me. I'm sure that many of the errors pointed out are valid and should be made known. I take no issue with that as this is commendable. The fact is, the KJV also has many errors, but I'll simply point out one- which is a major error like most translations.
     The word "church" is not a Bible word and didn't even exist in Jesus' day. It was wrongly translated from "ekklesia" and doesn't even remotely mean the same thing and yet these folks simply overlook this. Jesus is not building a church or any such earthly thing- He is building His spiritual ekklesia…that is what the gates of hell cannot prevail against.
     Did Jesus put the word "church" in the KJV? That's only possible if you believe in the opposite of what Jesus said He was building. Look up the definitions…..a 10 year old can see anything church related is not of God- including the church positions these men claim and the titles they possess through church.
     Jesus is the Word of God- seek Him first, then read the Bible and ask the Spirit to reveal His truth. He promises to do that- therefore we need not fear what these men tell us is a mandate through the KJV. Is it not. Trust God alone.

  19. By the grace of God through this video, and discernment of the HolySpirit, I am convinced and will not read anything BUT the KJV!! Praise God for preserving his Word. AMEN.

  20. +sanderson1611 that part about the beating remind me that here in Portugal people go on their knees to fatima that catholic place.. did u know that?

  21. Does this movie cover the subject of Apocrypha books?

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