New World Order Bible Versions – Trailer 1


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  1. Alden Andrew says:

    Hi Pastor, who exactly is the guy that cut your conversation? Like what does he do?

  2. Great trailer. Great documentary

  3. Lars Blom says:

    So much talking, so little looking in the Bible. He don't even know "who or what" lucifer is.. Apostates, all of them.

  4. Melinda Duff says:

    As I said this is the Revelation movies that he has on youtube now.

  5. Seems to me that by making issues out of what can be settled by refering to the original greek or hebrew, and implying that the word can only be transmitted from certain approved translations, these people are pushing us back to the dark ages.  The very premise of the inquisitions and the Catholic churches attack on bible readers and translators was, not that the bible was bad but that there were bad translations and that these bad translations constituted the works of the Devil.

    So there is a paradox in admiring the bible's fight to survive the myth that any studious translations shouldn'd be acceptable and at the same time setting the same bible up to have to fight again another similar fight.  The Catholic Church being replaced by the zealots that claim that there is such a thing as a New World Order translation. 

    Hopefully Mr White will not propose the translators of the NIV be burnt at the steak.

  6. i dont understand how someone so smart like JAMES WHITE, could not UNDERSTAND and SEE, the truth when you compare the KJV, and the NIV… I saw it 1nce, and i fully SEE THE BIG PICTURE…

  7. James Clark says:

    Geneva Bible all the way!  Pre-dates the KJV by over 50 years.  Used by the Reformers and the Pilgrims and the Puritans.  I feel much more comfortable reading from a translation made by true Protestants than a translation produced by the Church of England.  My two cents

  8. babble babble babble

  9. Adam Kakos says:

    i'm sorry, but James White can debate his was out of anything, and has been defending this position since Steve Anderson was learning his times tables. he wouldn't cut out of a debate unless he really got annoyed to death going in circles.
    KJ onlyism is wrong, and very counter productive. I use the KJV, and love it over the rest of them, so my position is not biased. i almost became an onlyist, but i looked at the other arguments. James White and others have a lot to say about the subject.
    i'm all for looking at globalist conspiracies. but this isn't quite it.

  10. Renee Souder says:

    I love you and have listened to many if your sermons, shared some too.Just wanted to make that clear first. What I have been trying to find proof of Satan and Lucifer being the same entity and that in fact Lucifer was a high angel or archangel that fell and became Satan. Because in ALL my studies I have not found any of that doctrine. The ONLY thing that people come back with is the passage in Isaiah where he is using the word Lucifer as an adjective and not a noun.Lucifer simply means:Morning Star/Evening Star/Venus/Light Bearer. That is ALL it means. In fact the exact same words were used to describe Jesus/Yeshuwah.The word was not used to be another name for Satan until a 6th century Pope made it so.So why did the Roman Catholic Church change this?Why do people accept it as real? I love Jesus and He teaches us to search out the truth.Personally I wonder if it's to get people afraid of Light beings. To get them to believe when the scripture says Satan comes as an angel of light to believe that it means a light being or light bearer to keep us afraid and in the dark.The scripture should be seen ad how the devil tricks people into thinking that being selfish and greedy and evil is actually good,a good thing for them.Look how that idea has worked.That is the meaning. But the RCC has turned people from miracles and more by getting them afraid of Angels of Light, etc.The RCC killed Millions for disagreeing with them. Far beyond the thousands others have killed.I'm just trying to point out one thing that is contradictory that I believe is manipulated. There are many more. I love you brother Steve and I love so much of your teachings on end times. I just know there is a much much bigger story here and I need to seek the truth. Peace&Love,Rev.Renée

  11. This will be the best horror film of the year: Visceral, darkly humorous. I certainly cannot wait to hear how the New World Order condemns the Shakespearean KJV Bible. It's a pity that it is only you simple folk that really appreciate Shakespearean English, anymore.

       I especially love the timbre of this preacher and his rich grasp of comic subtlety, like Shakespeare himself. His angry rampages are almost reminiscent of a Shakespearean political drama.

       He's both a comic genius and masterful dramatist.

  12. its January?? Did this release?

  13. NickM says:

    Where is the movie?

  14. Goodnight!!!! I can feel the Tension! little sally Sue White tucked tail and ran whimpering  like a kicked dog!

  15. Moth Orchids says:

    Isn't James White a Calvinist? and an Apologist his whole career is based on showing a good face doing a good act winning people over and acting. Psychologically he has mastered the art of winning people's approval. Don't be fooled. A magician is very good does things you don't even notice or see. Don't be surprised if James White wins you over, its his Job, infact his entire life. Do a study on apologist. Listen to a few. That silky tongue will melt your heart, even if they are stating that Hitler is a good man.

  16. Does this guy even know that the KJV originally had the apocrypha in it? Doesn't bother his KJV-onlyism at all?

  17. Wow, these homies like to piddle around in "history", "better translations" and "textual variants", don't they? Not one word from Scripture (any version) unless it's subjecting God's word to their "scholarly opinion".

  18. REVPIPSTER says:

    Oh by the way, there is a high probability that James White was correct when he said the word "ado" and Pastor Anderson got all giggly over it. But you would have to know a little more about English to understand that.

  19. REVPIPSTER says:

    What do you mean by pure words, Mr Armstrong?

  20. REVPIPSTER says:

    There is absolutely no record of any church father using 1 John 5:7 in refuting Ayrianism in the 3rd century. Is 1 John 5:7 true? Yes it is! Does it mean that we can add it to scripture? No! It was not written and inspired by God so we should not add it, even if it is true! Else we would be saying we can say things more inspired than THe Holy Spirit! Not matter how good we think it is!

  21. Anderson, White is right! There is noting to be said after the English 1611 being inerrant. "For men verily swear by the greater: and an oath for confirmation is to them an end of all strife." (Heb. 6:16) As far as it being a tradition: "Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us." (II Thess. 3:6) I'd like to see WHITE's Psalm 119:140 Bible. He clings to warn-out theories developed by men-onlyism.

  22. Indeed, Anderson. I'd like to see it when it's done. James White really likes being a "fully documented" scholar and sit in judgement on the words God has used against people like him for 400 years. Chapter 2 (?) of my book on I John 5:7'll be all about that.

  23. Funny how White thinks "the Greek words" are more important when the Bible was not even inspired in Greek. Yes, the words that I know are more important that the ones no one knows for sure. The Bible says that the word should be translated (I Cor. 11, Is. 28:11).

  24. Amen brother Sanderson! I am looking forward to purchasing the final product!!!

  25. gnc623 says:

    Is there an official date this is coming out yet?

  26. So you do a 3 hour interview, play the last couple of minutes where Dr. White decided to end the interview (since you were attempting to force the belief that Christ "burnt in hell" for 3 days and 3 nights), and served what purpose for this trailer other than to get your KJV only fan base to say "look! He got him!"…. Just ridiculous

  27. REVPIPSTER says:

    Will this be on YouTube? It has certainly created a stir! But I fear not for the right reasons.

  28. REVPIPSTER says:

    James White asked the young man who was videoing the conversation who put that last few seconds in with James winding the conversation down, and got all of Pastor Anderson's supporters saying James was running away. I understand James is still waiting for the answer as to who edited the interview and put it into this, unofficial, pre official trailer trailer and the question is still unanswered. I am lead to understand in Islam, it if saves face, lying is justifiable. is slight of hand, misquoting and dishonesty acceptable amongst Christians?

  29. i'm not an expert on the Bible, not by a long shot. however I argued this point with a pastor in a church at the end of my street. I said I wouldn't trust any version except the KJV or the Geneva Bible. he laughed and said he trusted the n.i.v. he then read out a verse which ended in 'the one and only'. his friend and also a pastor, who was sat on the other side of the table, read the same verse out of the NKJV. the same verse ended with 'the son of God'. the excuses he gave after hearing that didn't convince anyone, including himself.

  30. "If we don't speak in words that are easy to be understood, we speak into the air." — sanderson1611 

  31. Judge Stone says:

    Sweat calmus for us found in exodus thanks to Moses for stublin onto a burnin bush of kush oops I mean Qaneh Bosem hows that for some Hebrew well screw you too n I aint talkin tobacco mabey tabernacle who knows not you cuz only I can say I am that I am guese he talking Tetragrammaton or Adam n Eve in Edon cuz they were the first to partake its like being in the desert wish I had a pancake you know with the bitter herb for the hurd cmon good sheperd shew opps I mean show us the Tetrahedron the stone the builders rejected oh your lost turn to the cross draw around it get a kite rear it up right a lil 3D sight pull closed the curtain burn it it's insence it's sacred it's oil for that boil it's to protect us remember remember it's for resurection hate to be rude to them but most importantly a New Heaven and Earth you know the New Jerusalem

  32. jb54601 says:

    the difference is….the KJV was translated using manuscripts from Antioch where we were first called Christians. The NIV and most other new versions were translated using transcripts that came from Alexandria Egypt. What good has come from Egypt? I trust the transcripts from Antioch. Additionally, would someone really want to study a bible that was translated using the Vaticanus? A set of so called transcripts that are locked up in the Vatican. That doesn't set right with me….

  33. Dick Clark says:

    what is the name of the other pastor in this video?

  34. John Blainey says:

    In three conversations I’ve had in this comment section regarding their beliefs in the KJV, one person simply ignored a basic question, another confessed that their own argument for the infallibility of the 1769 KJV is circular and based solely on faith, and a third esoterically suggested that I need to become born again as only a true son of God can understand this position.
    1 Peter 3:15 in the 1769 KJV states, “but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:”
    So here is my question: What is the reason for your belief that the 1769 KJV is infallible?

  35. Anno Domini says:

    This looks badass Steve! Can't wait to watch it and share it to my friends. I'm sure you'll deliver on this one.

  36. REVPIPSTER says:

    Yes I heard James White yesterday and I think it is a total fabrication. In fact I used to agree with Dr White but now after seeing this trailer and seeing James run away like little girl I am convinced! I mean, That Pastor Anderson seems like a nice young man and butter would not melt in his mouth, he surely would not edit a video to make it look like James was running away on purpose now,……. Would he?

  37. John Blainey says:

    OK +1611ist I believe I found a fault in the 1769 KJV which proves it is not inerrant.
    When I asked you to define “fault” you refused to provide your definition, so I may be wrong. I have no way of knowing, but here’s what I found.
    The error I found is in Matthew 19:14 which says, “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”
    The error is the translation of the Greek word “aphete” into the English word “suffer.” The word “aphete” actually means “let,” “allow,” or “permit.” All modern translations correctly translate the term this way.
    I know you’re going to disagree, so here is why I believe this is a fault in the 1769 KJV:
    If the 1769 KJV is infallible, then it must be held to itself as its own standard.
    Pastor Anderson said during his interview of James White that the KJV’s translation of Sheol/Hades as “hell” was correct for two reasons: First, “hell” is the correct translation of “Sheol/Hades” because 99% of English speakers understand it that way. And secondly, the 1769 KJV has inspired and shaped the English language, such that the KJV vocabulary has influenced and even corrected the modern English vocabulary, so that the English word "hell" now means what the KJV says it means.
    Unfortunately, these arguments made in favor of the word “hell,” if true, also prove that the word “suffer” is an error.
    First, 99% of English speakers today do NOT understand the KJV’s translation of “aphete” as “suffer,” just as 99% of English speakers would not understand translating Sheol/Hades as “pit” or “grave” or “Sheol” or “Hades.”
    And secondly, while the KJV has influenced the understanding of the English term “hell” so that it is now analogous to “Sheol/Hades,” the KJV has NOT influenced the understanding of the English term “suffer” to be synonymous with the terms “permit,” “allow” or “let” in today’s common English vocabulary.
    Therefore, if Pastor Anderson’s arguments for “hell” are correct, then the 1769 KJV is in error regarding the term “suffer” in Matthew 19:14. If, however, Pastor Anderson’s arguments are wrong, then “suffer” would be correct. But then the 1769 KJV’s translation of “Sheol/Hell” as “hell” would be an error.

  38. James White appears more sincere, collected and respectful in these soundbites. And there's sense in what he says. Think about it: does one single English translation have more importance than the original Greek/Hebrew?

    The Geneva Bible wasn't translated by King James's translators — so does that make it false? Whycliffe's translation and Tyndale translation was not translated by King James's translators — does that mean they are diabolic translations, hell bent on deceiving God's people?

    By condoning ANY translation which is not KJV, this documentary will condone the entire history of Christianity, as well as the current translations used overseas in Korea, China, Mozambique, etc which are NOT printed using King James's English.

  39. John Blainey says:

    Why are those of you who are KJB believers refer to your Bibles as the 1611 KJB when more likely than not they're actually 1769 KJB's? And how do you know that it's the 1769 KJB edition that is infallible and not any of the editions that came before or after it?

  40. This looks awesome. Goosebumps!

  41. John Blainey says:

    Pastor Anderson says that 99% of Americans don't understand the difference between Hades and Hell, thus the KJV is correct by not differentiating between the two concepts.

    Yet, the Latin Vulgate and the KJV are the only two translations of the Bible that use the word "hell" to refer to both "Hades" and "Hell."

    The KJV has been the most popular English translation of the Bible for 400 years! Therefore it stand to reason that the KJV is the REASON why most American's can't differentiate between the two concepts!

    So KJV-onlyists are saying that the inaccuraies of the King James Bible are the solution to the problems created by the inaccuracies King James Bible.

    This sounds like what President Obama does when he says the Government is the solutions to all the problems created by the Government.

  42. John Blainey says:

    Pastor Anderson told James White that the KJV not making a distinction between the different Hebrew and Greek words/concepts for Sheol/Hades and Gehenna and translating them both as simply "hell" is actually more correct based on the fact that in 2013 99% of people don't know the distinction between Sheol/Hades and Gehenna.

    But since the KJV translation was made in 1611, wouldn't the correctness of that tradition be based on how people understood the distinction between Sheol/Hades and Gehenna in 1611?

    All the English Bible translations that preceded the KJV correctly differentiated between the two words/concepts, so the common people in 1611 would have understood the differences. Thus, it seems that in 1611 the KJV translators intentionally introduced a less-specific, more-confusing translation for the words Sheol/Hades and Gehenna.

    God inspired the writers of scripture to be specific, direct and clear on the doctrine of Hades and Hell (which Pastor Anderson affirms on a doctrinal level), so why would the 1611 KJV translators decide to make God's Word more vague, ambiguous and confusing?

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