The Group so called Illuminati are saying how and why. The Illuminati will create The New World Order and people like me and the awaken ones will be …


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  1. Everything is either a CONSPIRACY or CONSPHERACY for you nut cases.

  2. Lets all just get on the dole/welfare not work or pay tax and be good zombies that sit on the couch and do nothing. That'll do everything to stop the NWO, Rothschild banking dynasty and the oligarchy behind the governments. LoL seriously it would.

  3. bjc215 says:

    "NEW WORLD ORDER IS NOT A CONSPIRACY" <– Doublespeak.. Misuse of words.. The EXACT OPPOSITE MEANING!!

    1. the act of conspiring. 2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
    3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government. 4. Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
    5. any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

    So, retard.. if the NWO is NOT a conspiracy, what is it??? ..oh, right, you mean it is a conspiracy but you are a fucking doublespeaking retard!

  4. Are we approaching another Currency and civilization reset?
    Looking at all the videos about the secret societies, Media & entertainment
    control, NWO, FEMA, Chem trails, Underground bunker cities for chosen few,
    Ancient civilizations (Pyramids, Hench stones…) , history of money using the
    same secret system (FIAT currency & fractional lending) as the tool. This thought came to mind. Like in the movie "Edge of
    tomorrow". There are a few people (top top of the capstone illuminati) who
    go underground with all the knowledge build up over the last millennium,
    destroy (the reset) all but a few chosen ones. Emerge after all are clear then
    repopulate the earth and reprogram the new civilization with propaganda. They
    farm they evolve, they invent, they search for the meaning of life, they invent
    money, the Fiat currency, the major credit bubble and the total collapse. Then
    reset, each time the chosen few controlled by?? Restart with more powerful knowledge
    from the previous millennium using the same methods over and over to stay in
    power and live in lux. Will it happen again or did they misjudge the sleeping
    global conscious giant this time around or are we going around the mountain
    once more before we defeat them?

  5. Truth.. watch the future unfold, know scripture see that it's truewhich shall set you free. In Jesus name God bless & AMEN.

  6. Marco EL says:

    Who is preaching here?

  7. dark knight18 (I'm sorry for those who don't believe in God's word the Bible) The Bible helps us to understand in 1 John 5:19:
    "The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." (Satan the Devil) This evil system of things is doomed to fail. Jehovah God will have his justice.

  8. although there are a few people , evil people trying to rule the world, Adonai Elohim is and always will be in charge, if He allows bad to happen it is so we can see the consequences of our choices and turn back to Him, but it is His say and none other, no matter how they want to believe differently

  9. ne1cup says:

    why do I think this is an Arab propaganda ? Arab spring becomes American spring?

  10. Kurz Braten says:

    Why would it be a conspiracy? Just read Francis Fukuyama back then in the 90`s, praising and legitimizing the nwo.

  11. Heath Archer says:


  12. gee do says:

    The colour of power and control is "BLUE" the more I observe the more places I see it, from social media like Facebook and Twitter, UN soldiers hats, Nato flag, EU colour, Royal blue bloods, London underground logo now blue, police lights blue, lots of employee uniforms navy blue, Conservative party colour, even Christmas lights are turning a cold blue. I have Aspergers and see patterns in things, and colours are significant. To me it just seems that more and more areas of life that have the main colour as blue, are areas that have a need for conformity, to dominate, control and show superiority.

  13. united as 1. divided by 0.

  14. djquiz6425 says:

    Your title for the video is contradictory to your intent. I.E. If its not a conspiracy, then there are no people gathering together to plan a new world order. If it is a conspiracy, then there are people doing such. Perhaps a more appropriate and accurate title could have been 'new world conspiracy is real (or true)' If you don't know the definition of the word conspiracy or how to use the word properly my fallacy-ridden thinking finds it difficult to recognize you as an authority on the subject even though it has nothing to do with your credibility.

    grammar nazi over and out

  15. You just described a conspiracy…

  16. Kali Coultas says:

    at 1:11 when it says "anonymous is here to help spread this message" it types "bionic is here to help spread this message" who is bionic?

  17. Love is the greatest power that God gave us as humans it's about time we use it Peace, Blessings, and Love

  18. what is the name of the original video at minute 9:20 ?

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