NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN & 2013 WORLD WAR 3 – Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski most people are in absolute ignorance – seem relatively …


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  1. Hana Ayres says:

    I wanna see more!! X

  2. As they say, for the truth, read the Insiders' own books!

  3. dear Dr Zbigniew last time orange rewolution fall……..why …….

  4. Ya, Reagan also started talking this "external threat" nonsense, and many people thought he was babbling abouts aliens from space. But satellites can also attack from space. As to both Reagan and Zee-big's "threat" – there never was one, and never will be one, so their attitude has always been to just MANUFACTURE one. Which certainly explains a lot.

  5. Bzezinski (and Kissinger and his bankster/royalty masters) is the threat

  6. TruthSeeker says:

    Where's the rest of this video?

  7. FalconXE302 says:

    He was also the Head Zionist of the Zingerfelder group of Astro Mlitia Bankers. And I'm pretty sure the 3rd Reich got the crap kicked out of them. Oh dear, we have here, another expert of their own delusion..!!!!

    The first sentence of this comment means nothing, it's just words put together to make "sence" but actaully mean nothing… just like all this guys crap that spews from his mouth.

  8. John jon says:

    Didn't Disney make a movie about this ?

  9. It's like Nazi Germany, but in our own backyard.

  10. Tent Maker says:

    They deceived themselves. They thought they could be like God.

  11. Tent Maker says:

    I think the "rapture" will happen anytime this year. Be prepared. Surrender to your life to Jesus. Pray this: Lord Jesus, I accept you as my Lord and Savior. I repent from my sins. Forgive me and be Lord of my life from this day forward. Amen

  12. The mark of the beast gas been on thier drawing board for a long time. The collapse will be very very helpful in getting people to accept the small hope of economic stability.This is 1 reason for 911, as all nations we have attacked have had their own currency and were not under Basel banking rule.Name 1 who was attacked that was under Basel banking.Russia and China are hooked already, no major war until the mark is set up.Peace and safety, then Armageddon.Damned losers!

  13. troy j says:

    I've had visions of theses day repent now no more time its over very soon

  14. David Lawson says:

    The US really has to get a grip of its Public Mental Health programme. Bad enough these lunatics are in the open, even worse is the dumb audiences believing it, and promptly buy the book to stay informed ….. dont know whether to laugh or cry at the idiotic naivety….. astonishing.

  15. eXtremeDR says:

    Bring in the chaos – it's the only chance to change the world for good. We need way more wars and suffer. Most people reject to learn and are not willing to accept required changes. ^°^

  16. B Provenzano says:

    The agenda sadly continous ….

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