NEW WORLD ORDER Programming in OLD TV Shows – Batman, Barney Miller (1981)


NWO programming in Banery Miller and the Batman franchise.

Credit score to russianvids for bringing the Barney Miller clip to our consideration.


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  1. I stopped liking Batman once Schumacher took over

  2. Destroy the Monuments? Well, after Charleston, they're starting to tear down Confederate monuments across the South. Nikki Haley(SC governor) keeps getting her name dropped in the MSM, as a 2016 VP candidate, for helping take down the rebel flag over the Confederate monument at the SC capitol. I wouldn't be surprised if BHO tries to destroys Mt. Rushmore, near Rapid City, SD before leaving office. I can almost see John Boehner crying at the demolition ceremony while apologizing for white privilege!

  3. Mt Rushmore is literally right next to rapid city. I'm positive that's the monument inferred

  4. in revelation the lord jesus told us satan would gather the nations of the world with its kings to force a one world government

    all this illuminati stuff proves the lord jesus is coming
    everything is going according to the plan he gave us

  5. They're called the rapid city monuments probably because of my. Rushmore is there

  6. JellicleKat says:

    I remember seeing a video or something about the "322" showing up in all the Disney movies. They passed it off as "the room where all the animators worked when they came to work for us." or something. Now we know the truth! Thank you.

  7. rapid city monuments, mount rushmore – they haave in a way destroyed this monumnet by declaring the men on it the first terrorists in america, ive kept my eye on this for some time, i highly doubt they intend to literally destroy it but i could be wrong, it wouldnt be the first time and damn sure wont be the last

  8. Thank you for posting this awesome clip. Predictive programming all the way. Also a double agenda with demonizing anyone who shares the truth about the Illuminati Plans.

  9. Miller = 4+9+3+3+5+9 = 33 in Gematria

  10. HyborianAge says:

    Where is my blanky and clothespin?

  11. Right around 1981 there was a 2 or 3 cassette tape series going around that somehow a friend of mine got, where the speaker was talking on this very subject,  and we would listen to the information about the Tri Lateral Commission, shocked with what we were learning back then. Now we know, with the advent of the internet, the TLC was just the tip of the iceberg.

  12. Steve Landesberg points at his right eye when he says the name of David Rockefeller. I also saw Charlie Sheen do this when he was talking about 9/11 on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

  13. Marci Nelson says:

    FK the NWO!
    "The Affirmative Task before us is to create a New World Order."-Joe Biden.

    " Yes, many people will die when the New World Order is established, but, it will be a much better world for those who survive. "-Henry Kissinger.

  14. Elea Munroe says:

    Batman episode 33.  "Fine Finny Friends".  FFF=666.  They knew what they were doing.  The joke's on those who still don't get it.

  15. in the first clip The only Programming i see is the Recorded Laughter but what he's saying is true, They just put the Laughter in there to make it seem as though He's a Conspiracy Kook, If everyone shut off their T.V's they would only be left with entertaining themselves and eventually would lead to no profit for airtime

  16. I'm really glad to see you are putting up more videos

  17. The BOX !

    Nice finds TMR

  18. We cannot ignore that the Lead Actor, "Barney Miller", is a JEW in real life!  Now, how is it possible that soooo many jews are in the TV/Movie industry?  Considering that Jews are not even a close 4th or 5th of the world population, with Christians at 2.2 BILLION in the World, with Islam 2nd at 1.6 Billion, and Judaism coming in 12th at 14 Million!  Seriously!  This isn't a coincidence!  The TV/Movie industry is chock full of Jews, at a disproportionate rate when compared to the overall world population and religion.  But hey, I'm just a Conspiracy Theorist!

  19. Its not all PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING . Sometimes its a hint or warning from the filmakers.
    And those people are punished for it.
    The JOKER movie with Heath Ledger featured a NSA type comouter device fir total surveillance. Heath ledger died.
    Fast and Furious 7 had a similiar device…..Paul Walker …died.
    The Hunger games was about rebelion against a totalitarian Government. ……Phillip Seymore Hoffman. …died.
    The Interview featured the CIA coercing Journalists i to MURDERING a foreign leader…..and the got HACKED.
    Wake up.

  20. thomascampr says:

    Sounds like when Jim carrey the comedian? Went on Jimmy Kimmel and the both mocked NWO, Illuminati and secret societies.

  21. dmmct99 says:

    I used to watch Barney Miller back then. Wow.

  22. no sound on the Kerry part of this clip bro

  23. kyle Lyons says:

    Thought the big z founded trilaterals Zbigniew Zbrinsky or however you spell it?

  24. Thanks for that TMR, As we know everything is hidden in plain sight, I'm currently fighting the Compulsory Vaccine crap that's going on here in Australia, trying to open up people's eyes, but the mind control is strong. so Ive been rather busy, but you brought me back to reality with this clip, cheers mate!

  25. mel michele says:

    Un freakin' believable! Does anyone else feel like they've been bitch slapped by one hand while getting the finger with the other?

  26. SKIES ABOVE says:

    I grew up watching this carp.
    …who knew?

  27. Neeko tronus says:

    FYI, Batman is Baphomet idol worship. Nothing but Lucifer Worship for decades.

  28. The bit at the end with the family being brainwashed by the TV is crazy.

  29. Awesome Find, the Barney Miller one is freaky.

  30. Empty Vessel says:

    Do you think that Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks? Lol if you haven't looked that up, you should.

  31. And it is true ALL Politicians are Puppets. They serve them – they don't serve "We The People". They place people in office including who they want as President. Our votes do not count. And this is why i will never waste my time voting again.

  32. The thing is, you tell people the TRUTH they think your crazy and they won't believe you. Many people are under a strong delusion "that they will believe a lie". This is from The Bible.

  33. Line Finders says:

    Gotham = Goat's home = Manhattan where the world trade centers stood
    See my video about goat symbology:

  34. ~KEWL~ Thumbs Up stuck at 3333 wow and views crazy TMR u are the you King ~

  35. King Og says:

    Truth, what's your opinion on Crrow777 and the Lunar Wave phenomenon? What about the sudden popularity of the Flat Earth theory on Youtube?

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