New World Order’s Secret Philosophy Revealed


“If you want a photo of the future, picture a boot stamping on a human encounter — for good.” George Orwell realized what the future would seem like and he tried to warn us in his e-book 1984.

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35 Responses

  1. Maybe "they" already got to me but…..this made zero sense

  2. Amal Ward says:

    caligula news network

  3. I personally do not believe that an elite group of people are out to rule us with an iron fist. The structure would be far too strained to reign. It would require a power structure that would make Hitler and Stalin proud.

    I can believe that evil exists and people are out there who desire power.

  4. no matter who you vote for the they still rule the illuminati are very smart they give you the choice of illusion there both puppets on the same string George Orwell was 100% correct.

  5. I try spreading the word so much about this stuff but people simply don't get it unless they are like us. People have been trying to figure this stuff out for years. It's hard to explain it to brainwashed people who haven't ever heard of the NWO

  6. Testing…..Testing. Hello? Is this thing on? Ya know my 1984 video says a lot more than I can type in 500 paragraphs. Why not post?

  7. Imagine if an Alien force of 100.000 years more advanced technologically & militarily than planet earth; gave president Obama an ultimatum, disarm or else. The result will be the end of the industrial military complex. The people of the planet will eventually feel a great release of all wars. How would they react to this even on the planet they just conquered militarily? That, is the question to ask! the mind arises and understands. Aliens IQ, to humans, if we pass we are ok; if we lose, they might enforce their own military complex on planet earth.
    sounds sensibility, air intermingles however air in harmony is quite another different story, in other words a wind tunnel is similar to a water tunnel, the air resistance is lesser than water resistance, as it is on space.
    Lock inn!! New world order: FACEBOOK & GOOGLE STYLE.
    The new UN
    However interesting, one thing is what the people say, another is what Kerry’s opinion’s are, in fact there should be a view of the people of what Kerry has to around and what the rest of citizens, people have to say about it? a sort of peoples UN, if you like, not a close door UN but an open one. Facebook is a kind of UN, if you like. The billion followers do represent a kind of UN. Same as google the other side of the same coin, that makes a few billions more. The peoples UN. Or the new world order Facebook & google style. Rather than working for the CIA, NSA have them work for you. more followers more people that they investigate thanks to you, automatize the issue and they are no longer needed.

  8. john carter says:

    Dark Creator gods have been ruling this planet for the past 300,000 years.
    they instill misery and chaos, because they literally feed off our energy. We have to disrupt the frequency they feed off, meditation on a global level is the answer

  9. DT Hellland says:

    they totally poisoned his ciggys

  10. John Taylor says:

    Mind control / brainwashing thru moral decay , bad government , horrible economic policy , educational
    suicide , police state tactics .
    All are derived from projects from mk ultra that birthed out of project Paperclip ( when the u.s. military brought 2500 Nazi elite & scientists some of whom were mind control experts. )

  11. steven458791 says:

    what is it? finance. politics is chaotic but finance unifies since everyone wants money. let people have their political and ethnic differences. and while you let the political systems of the world fail, simultaneously create a unified system of finance and global trade that makes money god and the world will love it.

  12. Mr Nice says:

    if she get´s elected im going to build a bunker asap…

  13. Dread White says:

    Nice propaganda, rebel scum. Globalism is the future, this world has no need for nations. What do you know about Globalist philosophy? Anything other than authoritarianism will fail in a united world.

  14. Kurtis Hess says:

    the Bush administration is the founder of Isis

  15. Kurtis Hess says:

    tell me what real literature is

  16. Moon Shadow says:

    Question about NWO: Why have they allowed the Internet to open worldwide? Wouldn't it benefit them to keep us ignorant??? All this truth on the Internet has opened millions of eyes.

  17. The original intent of the free speech amendment was not pornograph, but politically unpopular speech. So tired of the pornography apologists. It's human degradation. It destroys people and marriages. It has infected the population to the point, people remove their body hair because of what they have seen on porno. Women are trafficked. It's a boil on the minds and soul on any man, woman, or child who reviews it. The images never go away according to science.

  18. Dennis Wise says:

    You are a disgrace along with you madcap antics, your installing of fear and your deceptive lies. No wonder your viewers are deserting in droves. The people have got wise to you.

  19. Susdey Sun says:

    China economy grows about 5 to 6 percent each year, still not much but China spends nothing for war. On the other hand, US spends millions dollars each day for oversea troops, and war. How long will US money last? How much money to spend for rebuilding homes or whatever after natural disasters hit in US each year? It seems Every US president cares only about US military power but forgets about creating long lasting jobs for young US people.

  20. Susdey Sun says:

    I think US is more stupid in making war, and robbing others money. When war or economy goes wrong it blames China, or Russia. All US citizens must wake up, China is not better than US but the different is that Chinese government spends money to build factories, and creating jobs vs US spends huge money to recharge military power for non stop oversea war, and what US gains? US gains only useless victory, arrogant and countless enemy. US factories run away to others countries. Why? US factories must pay more to sponsor war each month.

  21. philhype31 says:

    America is a great country, but their foreign policy is a disaster since 60 years.
    America must go back to the roots of the founding fathers of usa.
    Americanism not globalism or imperialism.

  22. David Russ says:

    You guys claim you follow Jesus, a man who helped the poor and loved the ones who were hated. He had his followers bring in the Gentiles, none of this division was involved. If you think voting for Trump, who believes in being selfish and not helping disease and poverty ridden areas and instead only developing our country, you are not Christian. You are a Pharisee.

  23. I like Alex a a lot of the info he puts out but, if he was truly aware,conscious and enlightened to the illuminati and NWO he would know waiting on so called anti globalist TRUMP as the nations savior. Trump bought his home for head of Federal Reserve…Trumps father was arrested in a NY Klan rally….Alex and his group need to do diligence on their home work…"even the most elect will be fooled"

  24. Rad Misfit says:

    yeah when trump wins and kicks out all illegal immigrants all around the world then you can send your sons to do the hard labor of building the sky crappers in America for $15 an hour; and have barbecues on the weekend!

  25. robert byers says:

    Jesus said;I am the way,the,truth and the life,no man cometh unto the father but by me;repent and say these words in prayer.lord jesus I  know you died for me on the cross and that I'm a terrible sinner,please come into my life and take control and be my own personal saviour;thankyou lord in jesus name amen.

  26. Americans Sending out S,O,S the Republic is under attack ,Rise all ye Patriots ,Rise to the Threat ,God Speed ,Peace!

  27. alex I do wonder about your blood pressure…very passionate about ☆America☆

  28. David Clark says:

    My secret philosophy is to murder everyone who thinks themselves members of the New World Order.

  29. pray for the Americas and pray to Jesus that we fight this and kick out the evil out this world

  30. no name says:

    he's got some great music on here

  31. Get the App –ZIP – is a polling app TRUMP is WINNING!

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