NEWS UPDATE *WORLD WAR 3* 100 trillion dollar meltdown * CIA REPORT * Project Prophecy


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  1. I predict that all the presidents men and all the presidents official (not all the soldiers, because many will wake up) and all the presidents bankers will go into a hole in the ground willingly and thinking they're the elite that will be saved, and there they will die with all their power corruption, greed, lust and perversions…hows that for a final end game prediction!  Now for the faithful and True….we have nothing to worry about, we just get to watch this drama play out…..Choose wisely!

  2. I'm laughing…lol…let me see if I can quickly put this all together…
    You own nothing…Americans own "Debt" and it's all on the computers which are being hacked quite regularly but real specialists…
    Your money isn't real
    the new world order leads to chaos and destruction
    WW3 is Here
    global financial markets crash…
    and martial law is coming…
    Russia has EMP warheads and then there's always the Sun itself powered by God that Father who sent 4 earth facing CMEs the week of June 21 as a final 3 month warning…after the USA slapped the Father in the Face with their so called supreme court upheld laws of this land….well, God can not be mocked!

    Time to Get Real!

  3. Terrorists? The terrorists are run by US and gang to overthrow leaders in countries and smuggle drugs to the market.

  4. lorenzo564 says:

    even their is no economics collapse, they willl still go to war, because the elite already planned it long time ago, from ww1 to ww3, everything that happening around us is plotted, just imagine the news today and their plans in the future already plotted, their target is to kill the population and control everything in this planet, climate chaos maybe the zombie apocalypse.

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