NFL SUPERBOWL Half TIME Clearly show SATANIC RITUAL ILLUMINATI – NEW Planet Get IN THE NFL Tremendous BOWL. 2016 tremendous bowl date. tremendous bowl information.


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  1. One point that backs this is the Protocols of Zion which states how they were going to use/manipulate sports. If you read the Protocols you will understand the events over the past century and our current events. And for those who say the document is fake or false and has no basis in fact, you have simply fallen for one of their mind control techniques. If you will look at the Wikipedia entry you will see that they say the document is a forgery, which people think in terms of fake, but a forgery is a faithful copy of an original and thus based upon fact. A document that someone created just to paint a bad image on a group of people a forgery like they try to paint the Protocols as being, they would say that it was a malicious document with no basis in fact, written to slander Zionists. They know that most people are not critical thinkers that will never see manipulation. This is why they use the term "conspiracy theory" and if you have not looked into the origin of the phrase and the role the CIA played, then take a moment to do so and then you will have a better grasp on this method of manipulation.

  2. It is fix it been fix from the beginning

  3. Henry Homes says:

    dang bra!, sub-fukn-scribed!!

  4. joe says:

    Churches, Charities and Sports they all belong to the same mafia.

  5. bey bey goes bye bye….stinky howa

  6. Gallo sky says:

    Madanna is such a demon.

  7. Gallo sky says:

    luciferian illuminate child killers stabbing little 3 year old boys and girls in the heart for your deranged sacrifice you fuckers

  8. Fred Derf says:

    who made this video EXPOSED TRUTH  or O.D.D. TV ?

  9. I'm hung like a horse. does that make me evil?

  10. dukeof1999 says:

    I knew about this before you could walk

  11. Like I am going to watch that with the A-Team on ME TV

  12. dukeof1999 says:

    They all lie that all they ever do.

  13. there were quite a few pics of Philly fans fighting.. I love my hometown, even if they are dicks

  14. You live in the next door town of south park

  15. don't forget the Saints won the same year Katrina hit New Orleans

  16. Ta At says:

    Kelly Conway- Trumps side kick was sporting a red-white n Blue outfit two to three weeks before super bowl with patriots. Outfit looks like the mascot- hmmm who u think won? Patriots. Law enforcement Adams co sports the free masons symbol n the triangle on the badge

  17. George H W Bush and his family are shameful people who do not deserve to be honored. Read "JEB".

  18. it's all an illusion

  19. we are Hollywood constructs

  20. HAVE any of you watched the history buff documentary JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man's Trick by Francis Richard Conolly?

  21. Illuminati. their best advocates are very people who say they oppose the Illuminati ideology and the best place for that promotion is the "smartest" country in the world, USA

  22. I've been trying to explain this whole thing to so many people. Thank you for giving me a perfect means of conveying this message.

  23. Naseem Khan says:

    This is the best video I watched today – thank you. If only we could figure out a way to wake up the masses.

  24. Wayne Mickel says:

    People just do not want to believe in the Illuminati in Sports and Music and in TV and news

  25. R Mac says:

    You are not a conspiracy theorist you stated it very good! Are presenting factual information! Not conspircies!

  26. xdream2 says:

    16:25 the horse actually fell on the artist that sculpted it as they were putting it in place, killing him. Talk about a blood sacrifice.

  27. waaaaste says:

    I haven't watched tv in years. I have't missed it either.

  28. if you want to know more about free masons , you might like "the secret behind the secret societies" by Walter Veith.. It's detailed insides based on documents from the secret societies.

  29. Thank you great video really like your channel

  30. Red pill says:

    Thank you: bread and circuses… New concept for me. Makes so much sense.

  31. Red pill says:

    Ok, but are they reptilian or is that just gate keeping?

  32. How Bizarre! The Roman Empire chief showing off in the begginning just like on the 'Bread & Circuses' Times!

  33. See Thru says:

    I say eliminate all the alphabet agencies, ABC, NFL NHL ALB NBC CBS, dump all the garbage.

  34. deslocc124 says:

    Yup, which is why I don't watch any sports.. none.. they are all meant as a distraction, to have you watching something stupid while they pull the wool over your eyes and refasten the chains about you.. Wake up world.. Turn off the tv..

  35. Howie Shea says:

    if you don't want to grow up play/watch hockey, soccer etc.

  36. cbr1thou says:

    football and other sports are for fags

  37. Fred Cameron says:

    At least most, if not all, the hollyweird, Satanic, new world order,' establishment cabal', puppet trash, is so wiling to expose itself, it makes it easier to identify, and ignore it. JOIN THE – no doubt by now, growing – HOLLYWIERD BOYCOTT!

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