Night On Bald Mountain – Fantasia (1941) (Theatrical Cut)


Couldn’t see this scene uploaded onto YouTube, so I decided to upload it. Working on another tribute folks! Hold onto your butts! – Jurassic Park.


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  1. Hmm….. I found that this cartoon works very well with Mastodon's Blood and thunder. I think around 2:50 is where it works the best, but that would depend on preference.

  2. Way too dark for a Disney movie

  3. ice_hawk10 says:

    why does the cynical part of me believe that they would never have made this movie today? too traumatizing for kids or some other such nonsense

  4. NolaFiona says:

    honsetly most fanta bord me but I do like this and couple other saggments

  5. I love this!!! :-)

  6. I bet the people who made the wall animations got some inspiration from this.

  7. The fire girls were beautiful

  8. Indy Mathews says:

    Satan be high as fuck, seeing little naked people dancing in his hands

  9. This plays when my mom gets my report card

  10. This version of the piece is off in key and doesn't have any life that the composition is supposed to have :0

  11. ACAB 89 says:

    This is more Satanic than any horror movie out there.

  12. Kiyosura says:

    i learned about this guy from kingdom hearts as a child but never understood any lore about him. Can anyone explain?

  13. stan ochocki says:

    Years ago…had an acquaintance whose family came from a town, not far from the real' Bald Mountain' or inspired this piece. He had visited the area 3 times…and said that even on the Nicest Days..the Mountain gave him the F'n Creeps'''and on a stormy late Autumn Night…it was just too Fr'kn eerie….that the lightening would just give it a Greenish Tint upon it. when it would flash..

  14. graeme011 says:

    What a coincidence! I am cooking devilled sausages for dinner tonight, and just happened to be watching this!

  15. Ted Harris says:

    It was the very first Halloween

  16. Anyone else hated the boss battle in KH?

  17. In this "children's cartoon" I just saw fucking Satan resurrecting the dead and then summoning his unholy minions. It's scary as fuck.

  18. Most evil Disney villain of all time right here!

  19. Halloween, the one time of year when being evil, is legal

  20. Kaagh178 says:

    Martha: Honey! Chernabog's at it again!
    Tom: Go back to sleep, Martha. Just ignore em till daybreak.

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