Ninety Nine Nights Sountrack: The Arrival (Main Menu Music)


Ninety Nine Nights Sountrack: The Arrival (Main Menu Music)


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  1. Equalitas says:

    Love this song, but the game is on the top of the list of games i hate. 

  2. I really love this song, I want to learn it on piano.. Just need to find out what key it's played in..

  3. I still cant beat the final boss

  4. The king of the 99 nights was defeated (for now). Now, we can go home in peace with this great music in memory of all the warriors who fought to defend their land. Congratulations Inphyy.

  5. +kelvin fontenelle I agree with you Kelvin. There's always that one YouTube user, no matter how beautiful the music is, who will give an awesome piece of music a thumbs down.

  6. The calm before the war

  7. Meldoies17 says:

    I will and am going to sample the poop out of this beautiful soundtrack 

  8. chris hall says:

    the battle of gettysburg. Bombs exploding on the field, ppl dying and falling down in slow motion 😀
    Perfect scene for this music 

  9. Arleth Mtz says:


  10. M Coates says:

    The Composers name is Pinar Toprak..Everything your listening to is all her. Woman is not human.

  11. Swifty kun says:

    I love this game… so much… the music and battle.. is absolutely.. amazing…

  12. Esidarrae says:

    fuck i love this track

  13. i love the music and i liked the game … altough the game is very hard to me :D

  14. I REALLY hope Microsoft includes N3 in the future as a backwards compability game on Xbox One. They have to!

  15. 3 words: Enchanting, captivating, beautiful

  16. Nostalgic game. Had tons of fun with this game more then dynasty warriors.

  17. unymitsu says:

    bitch can sing lol

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