Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World (MTV Unplugged)


Music video by Nirvana performing The Man Who Sold The World (Unplugged). (C) 1994 Geffen Records.


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  1. Val Santiago says:

    Miss your music and your cute mug. See you on the rainbow bridge. I hope there's a guitar up there. ;)

  2. Hate that he took his life because of freaking drugs.

  3. This fucking jokes about Dave Grohl…Moreover,this music remember me a David Bowie song!

  4. I always thought Kurt was a shit singer …. But man what the fuck….this songs makes me cry every time I listen it

  5. Krist's face expression was fucking hilarious

  6. Danska Danae says:

    que padre rola está wow excelente

  7. BriFizzy says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this song is so peaceful? Love Kurt's voice and Bowie's voice. RIP Bowie and Cobain you legends will always be remembered. <3

  8. Philip Drake says:

    RIP Kurt, true legend.

  9. manipoo1 says:

    Rip Kurt. You were so damn handsome and talented

  10. Salad bar says:

    isn't it funny how dave grohl from foo fighters looks like the drummer

  11. Jose Portela says:

    best band of all time

  12. This will always be my favorite cover of all time

  13. Killy Oshea says:

    love to see Kurt but he is dead
    also I liked Bowie's role in I can't remember but he was the goblin King

  14. Suicides hapens offen at the 20s all over the world glad to have a club that is fixed on a number to people see is just a number making the 20s just a number and a letter …. This must bring a reason to not loose your mind in this season of the "life"…

  15. its so sad how were never gonna get great music back i swear i was listining to some shitty pop crap station thrme other day and i really wanted to blow my brains out it was so bad (defs not emo) but there is a sliver of hope that we can get rock back on track until then our generation is shit

  16. did he realy kill himself right after this performance

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