Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama Has 12 Days To Start World War III


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  1. Y.K. Lee says:

    if you think trump is some sort of messiah here to save us, you're crazy and you haven't understood the control grid. you're far from it.

  2. Do you want liberal subscribers or are you happy with what you have? I guarantee you calling him Obomber multiple times isn't helping your cause. What do you think it's original or something? Jesus fucking Christ.

  3. These criminals in the U.S. government never cease to amaze me…they're getting tough on crime and locking up the masses here at home while their global war crimes go unpunished. I aint worried about the Bloods and Crips…I'm worried about Obama, Putin and China and their gang of war mongers.

  4. Thanks for the Upload,Now If there's a WW3,i pretty sure it'll be SHORT⌛If you understand THE REAL $LAVERY AGENDA???

  5. bob bot says:

    Obama is not the one doing this stuff. If the president does it because he gets the kosher seal of approval. Obama is selected by the jews and he can't turn against them. So Obama is the front man. You blame Obama nd the jews smile.

  6. ja sten says:

    ww3 has already lasted for 53 years and is on-going full speed
    it's a quiet war with silent weapons – a war against humanity

  7. Putin will nuke America.

  8. Reverend Fry says:

    Please stop calling them "elites" because they are not even close to elite. I refer to them as "USURERS" or globalist scum.

  9. Tina Clark says:

    "No enmity"? So, cyber-tickling? FFS . . .

  10. lol.. dude get a life man.. i know world is going thru shit created by humans.. first semitah n now this.. lol.. stop fear mongering… u concentrate on ur anarchy.. coz if really ww3 happens, u too are not gona be spared.. the amt of nukes we have, will destroy entire earth.. not matter which city u are in and u think u are safe.. how ever its all for money and power. u have the money but no power, the elites have both.. at the end we cant do anything about it.. so chill do good things, help people wether rich or poor and help animals too.. as long as ur alive.. if we die, we die.. i was intrested in ur stuff, but not anymore.. world is dirtier then we can even think.

  11. M Krafts says:

    If he becomes secretary general of the UN then he can still start WW3 in a couple years.
    But it looks like it will happen in the next 3 months.

  12. Gutless war monger Lindsey Graham wants to throw rocks at Russia, this DC beltway parasite thinks he is some kind of action hero, in the air force he was in * Judge Advocate General's corp * a damn lawyer. Graham you couldn't carry Putins jock strap.

  13. Toots, you better hope the first one hits you. You do not want to be around in the aftermath. Radiation fallout and all.

  14. Rich Meister says:

    Berwick, please take a minute to respond to the fraud allegations here:

  15. TipoJ M says:

    criminals in the U.S. government never cease to amaze me, they're getting tough on crime as they lock up the masses here at home while their global war crimes go unpunished everywhere. Has everyone gone crazy , blind or do they just not care ?

  16. TipoJ M says:

    26,000 bombs dropped while claiming to be a peace president , is the hole world mad?

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