North Korea v USA – Putin / Russia Orders Preparations For World War 3


North Korea against the United States – Putin / Russia Orders preparations for World War 3 Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in the region Krasnodar on Friday to


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  1. Shun Takara says:

    North Korea and Soul korea was created by 2 big countries. the Russian was before the taker of North and South by Americans I don't think there will be war between the 2 powers for Russian and American are big GUNS they don't want to waste their time to each other. that's what I know.

  2. Shun Takara says:

    The reason the North Hate the American for the American Join the Korean war with the South.

  3. American propaganda is a failure.

  4. Based says:

    how is this american propaganda when its clearly Russian people, idiot

  5. lehapankov says:

    North Korea is a Chinese child, not Russian

  6. Russia and China can destroy usa easly

  7. you do know russia is an ally right and china cuba and NK are the only renaming communists states right


  9. JCMaytrixx says:

    Dumb Fucks, China and Russia are Allies, so does US, so if China,Russia, North Korea, Etc, goes against the US, allies with support the US too, and the US has alot of allies, so I suggest you shut the fuck up.

  10. You, sound,…. Like, William, Shatner….. Fuckin ideot…

  11. Haha Chinese weapons fail like all chine made

  12. Alun Hill. Go to hell and get fucked by a pineapple

  13. T Hoang says:

    You tell them Eliseo because things make in other countries are the best! Like the other day I bought something made in ummmm well shit everything I buy is made in china lmao. I don't remember buying shit made in England, Australia, Italy, hell even America. Wait why the fuck are the Chinese the only one working????

  14. Dionysios Tz says:

    remove this bulshit title of this video its just a training in Russia motherfucker!

  15. Acuravigor47 says:

    Alun Hill pls remove your creepy face off your videos. Its creeping many if us out. Why do such a stupid thing.

  16. ryan smith says:

    Putin is that plan or my bar on fire

  17. I love russia, mother russia

  18. Ollie Kelly says:

    Wont be WW3 It will be the 2nd Korean war, For the less intelligent First Korean war was in the 1950's. (The Forgotten war)

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