Norway erects Russian border fence – BBC News


Norway is erecting a controversial steel fence along its border with Russia following a surge in migrant arrivals last year. The fence has drawn criticism from …


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  1. Hola , ¿ cómo están ? alguien puede ayudarme estoy aprendiendo inglés se muy poco tengo whatsapp y skype pero no he podido encontrar con quien practicar lo poco que sé yo puedo ayudar con el español

  2. yugine1000 says:

    But what about human rights, refugee asylums, all that stuff? Wtf Norway, don't be so Russian.

  3. ntks25100 says:

    Привет Норвегия!

  4. Lloyd No says:

    Trump suggests a wall, everyone makes fun of him to this day. Other countries are starting to put them up, they worry about them working.

  5. An windmill round-about 5MegaWatt to warm-up these for welcome party-movement!!!
    But the years ago news about hunting pirates in red-sea are harder to understand then this theme!

  6. Duk Dux says:

    now you are safe,hahahaha

  7. Norway are perfectly entitled to try to protect their country.

  8. Jen Garcia says:

    how mutch does it takes to biuld all

  9. AZ says:

    why only interview who was against the wall? if they are building it it's probably because a big chunk of the population wants it.

  10. mchlbk says:

    Good. But too late.

  11. SoidSnake says:

    The russians are not stupid. They know it is because of the thousands of immigrants crossing the border, and not the russians themselves. I hope the Russian government themselves can stop these economic immigrants from getting to the russian/norwegian border, then we wouldn't need a fence at all.

  12. Sergey P. says:

    So we'll send them by boats

  13. Meme Machine says:

    Borders are controversial now? fuckin liberals

  14. The hysteria and propaganda is burning hot now,the drums of war are banging,Once again..the terrorist's in the West are provoking war with Russia,and anyone who else is against flooding Europe with Terrorists…The west and NATO are terrorists

  15. Bob Basttard says:

    Norway should open dog food plant and use migrant trash for food.

  16. Norway erects border fence not from Russia, but from migrants crisis Europe itself has to be blamed for. The REAL cause of the sudden Syrian ‘migrant crisis’ into Europe —-

  17. J Loftus says:

    The Corporations that profit from permanent war need us to be afraid.
    The imposition of fear ensures that the Corporations that wrecked the economy cannot be challenged.
    Chris Hedges
    (Death of the liberal class)

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