They are already attacking Syria while they claim to us that they are “THINKING” about possible air strikes. It is more lies and I present evidence in this video to …


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  1. Mike FaJohn says:

    You are an ignorant bafoon

  2. Lisa Wilgar says:

    Thanks for this, very passionate and informative. Shared on my Facebook! :)

  3. Finally someone speaks the truth. This ISIS thing makes no logical sense from the perspective of someone who has spent a good deal of his life studying various military conflicts, armies, tactics and black op operations.
    The progress they made (like a conventional force) against an Iraqi Army (Army only) of 350,000 specially trained counter insurgency forces with the best U.S. training and equipment, is mind boggling and totally illogical.
    It's simply not possible and the reason we were given is laughable at best. I think it was "scary social media posts".
    They can only be one of two things and neither makes sense.

    1. They are either a homegrown insurgency, dispersing and hiding amongst the local people who help to hide them thus making it very difficult for a conventional military like the Iraqi or Americans to get them. We know this is not the case. The people would hate them and turn them out or in. Particularly with their alleged crimes.

    2. They are conventional military with tanks, artillery, recon, air superiority, etc… They stick together and move fast, as this group allegedly has.  That's not at all the case either. If they did pretend to be this, which they are pretending to be, they would be destroyed very easily and in short time by a real conventional military. Even one like the Iraqis. Unless of course the Iraqis wanted them and were on their side. But the alleged  executions of Iraqis showed us they are not on their side either. In a real world, the Iraqis would have been a little upset about this and they would have hunted them down like sick dogs using the entire Iraqi army if the laws of logic still applied.

    Lastly, they have declared war on almost everyone from both sides. That couldn't be a bigger mistake for any military force doing what they are doing, particularly a private and non-state sponsored force such as this. This type of force is really a one shot deal. Again, they would be destroyed in short time if they dared show up with the essential armor units and logistics to support a conventional advance as they have done. We would have heard about them for like a week, tops and they would be showing the apache gunship cameras on Discovery of how quickly they were taken out for years to come.

    I think this is all a very arrogantly conceived plan to get into Syria and other places and the media has soaked its hands in unforgivable lies to support it despite the sloppiness of its conception and delivery. It's so messy and illogical that I'm more concerned than ever because it seems they don't care anymore about telling good lies. We must be at some kind of "end game" and the people don't know it yet. This is a hail Mary play and we are "all in.

  4. You would attract more flies with honey than racism. You not waking people up with all this white devil shit, you're just turning attention from the banking cabal to race. We are all slave bro you gonna have us fighting each other. 

  5. It's a shame too i agree with alot of what you say but the racism is some bullshit. Can't spread that kind of message fighting fire with fire makes a bigger fire. I pray one day as a species we learn this simple lesson.

  6. LBBstore says:

    Great info, love the passion! Racism crap is so unnecessary. Children only learn about COLOR once we teach it to them. They only see brown and pink, so why not leave it there and let's focus on these bogus wars and false flags?

  7. Mo Co says:

    i agree with you 100% i been saying the same stuff and North Korea didnt hack for a movie and then steal 100 TB of info it takes over a day to move 1 TB with a good computer how long does it take to move 100 TB  Sony and the Jewish owned media they wanted to do the INternet Security act law so they created it.

  8. Brian Hipps says:

    People may think and say "the white devil " sounds racist. I'm white and this person has it right. It is what it is. White Devil, The Kabal

  9. They aren't terrorists. They are a U.S. Army that the U.S. Funded and now they want their money and oil back. Arsehole first world countries use the media and need to project fake shit into our heads that the ISIS is terrorist. 

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