Nuclear Threat: Hydrogen Bomb Goes Missing In Germany

truther May 3, 2012 12

A nuclear weapon that wasn’t supposed to exist, a single 500 kiloton hydrogen bomb, one of four being tracked, was seen being loaded at the German port of Bemerhaven, Germany.

The groups assisting in what we were informed was a counter-terrorism surveillance operation were the American NSA, British MI6, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the British Royal Navy.  The “device” was loaded onto a Germany built “Dolphin” submarine and left the harbour doing 7.5 knots.

The submarine disappeared while being tracked by every sophisticated device NATO seems to be able to own or borrow.

At least one of those from among the listed agencies was arrested by the local police force in Oxford, their electronic surveillance gear siezed, were confined for 12 hours despite being above arrest and detention as a senior NATO intelligence officer.

Attempts to track the sub in the busy harbour were in vain and it is unknown what the nationality of the crew were or the destination, whether the UK, the US or some place in the Middle East.

What we do know is that Germany and other NATO nations, in a highly disputed exception to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, had held 182 such weapons until all had supposedly been given back to the United States in 2005.

We now know this to be untrue.  There are several possible scenarios:

  • Germany is a nuclear power in violation of international treaties and both Germany and the US are lying
  • The German government is in violation of international treaties and is selling or transfering nuclear weapons to unknown third parties
  • Terrorists have stolen a nuclear weapon that Germany was holding illegally
  • Germany is involved in a terror plot aimed at a third party, Iran, the United Kingdom or the United States
  • The submarine in question may or may not be one Germany is giving to Israel, this one with a “special enhancement” which, as we had questioned earlier, might be used against Iran, the United Kingdom or United States.

We know the British government at some levels, some departments, are aware of this action and are responding with retribution against their own intelligence services.  This seems to be an indication that some authority within Britain seems to have gone rogue, certainly the Thames Valley Police, possibly the Home Office and we can’t help but want to take a long hard look at David Cameron and his many mysterious meetings with Rupert Murdoch, the “not very Australian” ultra-nationalist/Likudist Israeli who stands somewhat accused of endless criminal acts or perhaps not.

Nobody in Britain actually knows.

Is someone planning to blow something up somewhere?  Are these just simply Germany boys on a lark, stolen submarine, borrrowed illegal nuclear weapon, kind of a prank?

Then again, we have the Bush administration.  Assurances were made that all such weapons had been out of German hands 7 years ago.   We now have direct evidence, eyewitnesses, that indicate that the US failed to follow the provisions of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that it is using as a pretext to threaten Iran with violations of.

Oddly, Israel never signed the treaty and is, by conventional standards, considered a “rogue state.”

A fuller accounting indicates that the warheads may not be American but were of Soviet design.  We know the number to be four.

One has been traced to a location inside the London itself.  Other locations for this one are likely New York, Lower Manhattan for a December delivery, tuned down to 100 kt, perhaps to pass off as another plane crash.  Mombasa and other African ports are on the lists as well.  There is a very nasty controversy between US intelligence agencies on information sharing as to this issue.  As this is an actual operation, not a “rumor,” attempts to keep secrets or mislead just aren’t going to work anymore, as this article has proven.

Weapons of this type are generally located through use of specialized aircraft, in this case, the Boeing Sentinal E3D.  These are highly modified 707 aircraft.  The British have 7 of these operating out of RAF Waddington.  They were placed on “mechanical fault standown” on April 14.  Who would have thought all these planes were preparing to discombobulate?

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  1. JOHN July 12, 2012 at 11:39 am - Reply

    Exactly what he’s expressing THE WICKED !!

  2. cameowalkin May 8, 2012 at 11:28 am - Reply

    For those interested in learning more, investigate Adam Weishaupt’s 25-Point Plan (he edited Rothschild’s plan, who got it straight from “Lucifer’s” mouth) — , Rothschild was a practicing occultist/Satanist (his “Jewishness” was mere camouflage), and Weishaupt was atheist at the time of writing (but he later converted to Christianity for camouflage, which is an important secrecy principal within the Illuminati).

    Educate-yourself dot org is a great place to start, particularly for right wingers (but get past some of the mirrored mindsets, to find the FEMA camp articles). Investigate the extensive list of executive orders (google them, & leave no stone unturned). You’ll see that everything necessary to take this place over has already been put into place.

    Everything being done is being done according to the 25-Point Plan. When you’re wondering why the House and Senate seem dead-locked, look at the list

  3. Dan May 4, 2012 at 1:52 am - Reply

    Dont go to OL 2012 !

  4. Stan Sikorski May 4, 2012 at 12:43 am - Reply

    I wouldn’t shed a tear if NYC was turned into a glass parking lot. It would rid the USSA of 65% of the jews and their monitary power structure. Nope, not a tear.

    • WIlliam May 4, 2012 at 9:59 am - Reply

      Wishing for the death of innocent human beings? Go to hell you piece of shit.

  5. Janet Darbey May 3, 2012 at 11:24 pm - Reply

    This report does not make an awful lot of sense..has it been translated to English from a foreign language? It leaves more questions than it answers…

  6. GJS May 3, 2012 at 9:43 pm - Reply

    If this does indeed prove to be true it certainly adds another string to the bow of just how biased, corrupt & absurd this declaration by us in the west that everybody in the world must play by the rules or else.
    During the whole of mankinds history on Earth NO such strategy has ever worked for long, the trouble being that over time people forget the lessons that should’ve been remembered forever & think they’ll try it all again to dupe the masses however this time the ramifications of repeating history could well prove to be our last chance of actually having a future.
    The saying that desperate times call for desperate measures could well be mankinds epitaph, there are many nations now with nuclear capabilities, not just the US & the USSR as it once was, the chances of one of them launching first was indeed remote because the other side new that (MAD) mutually assured destruction was inevitable however this time it is a whole new terrifying ball game.
    This time all it will take is an unstable mind in who knows how many countries or even an elaborate disception by a very weak nation making it appear another had attacked & we will have a scenario that will be a hell of a lot harder to stop than what it was to start.
    Personally, I wish that nuclear reactions had never been discovered as mankind was never savvy enough or mature enough to use it wisely, even now on all sides there seems to be in at least some ranks the call to war & an almost smug arrogance of some western powers going out of their way to provoke the other side, after all what do they care, they will be deep underground watching all the rest of us being their cannon fodder.
    Things are truly changing at an accelerated pace now & unless we (the people) demand things be simmered down immediately & demand we also follow the rules that we expect others to follow, we will be absolutely destroying any chance of hope our kids & grandkids had of anything like what we perceive as a normal life.
    We may NOT have actually instigated the whole mess our combined Politicians have delivered us ALL into but we sure as hell have enabled them to do so through our own greed, arrogance, ignorance & overall I’m ok Jack attitude.
    History will judge us harshly & rightly so but whether or not there will be anyone around to read or indeed write it is another question.
    May god or whoever is out there help us !

    • Ace May 3, 2012 at 10:36 pm - Reply

      Wicked comment GJS.

    • cameowalkin May 8, 2012 at 11:04 am - Reply

      The sub carrying this bomb was probably outfitted with technology allowing it to “dissappear” from radar & geo-sat tracking. There’s a CIA plan in place to blow up about 6 American cities or more, declare martial law, and take us by force as a slave nation into the New World Order, under the auspices of “foreign” nuclear attack. The modified Operation NorthWoods worked so well on the Towers and the American public, enriching all involved (remember, bankers had evidence of the put options; the “stimulus” was probably payoff, hush money — even if paid back, you can invest it for profit, which is exactly what banks do). Why would they change it, since the public seems committed to believing in the “mother” state (state as good parent)?

      Is this a Masonic/Illuminati/banker plan (originally)? Yes, but now most super-rich, the UN, corporations, bankers and nations are in on it. Was Rothschild Jewish? Technically, yes … but if you trace the bloodlines, you’ll discover most Illuminati weren’t and aren’t Jews, and the ones that are (particularly those from Western Europe, or whose ancestors were, and emigrated here) are Khazars (ever hear of Khazakstan?), and therefore of Arabic descent. Eventually, Hebrew and Khazar bloodlines mixed in Western Europe, and mixed with Christian under the Inquisitions and forced conversions. Interesting, don’t you think, that the American terrorists (CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, ICE) are also of mixed Arabic ancient bloodlines, in many cases. The apples don’t fall far from the tree.

      The Khazars were a northern Arabic tribe that converted about 1500 to 2000 years ago , because they were tired of losing battles to the Hebrews, and decided to level the playing field with God by becoming Jewish. As a matter of fact, a great many of the Western European bloodlines (from “gentile” families) are mixed with Khazar bloodlines. You’ll be shocked … even the Lords and royalty of England are mixed with it. So even you guys who aren’t creationists must acknowledge that when you’re killing Arabs and hating Jews, you are hating and killing your brethren by bloodlines.

      There are 186 ethnicities in New York City. A great many people, including many people of faith, are here; most of us striving to survive the most devastating economic downturn in recent history, and help each other as much as we can, despite differences, difficulties and personal sacrifices. But good deeds don’t make the news very often, because the media-selling formula is fear, scandal, and gory images. Oh, and stirring up divisions and political hatreds. (We mustn’t forget the elections). Of course, we know they’ve become a propaganda outlet, and are trying to distract us with nonsense.

      In New York City, we’ve been forced to endure a great many things that people shouldn’t be made to endure (for example, the covert testing of bio-weapons on the population, through the auspices of government research hospitals, using foreign doctors on immigration programs, who are hoping to be allowed to stay, and will intentionally misdiagnose, cover up and lie about whatever the government people tell them to lie about).

      NYC will be the primary target for attack because they know if they don’t bury it in the ocean, that someone will very likely dig up the evidence below the Towers of their 9-11 gold robbery and murderous assault on their own people, and they don’t want that proof interfering with their plans to seize control of the nation. They want people to keep on believing that they should fear “foreigners”. Other cities will be bombed (for believability, and to ensure maximum damage). After all, the more people they kill, the more they weaken the potential revolt, and who would believe that they’re crazy enough to do this to their own people? But that’s just it … they don’t see themselves as part of us; but rather as part of some global super-elite, who must survive the coming holocaust (that they’ll inflict on the rest of us).

      But God’s got their rock in His pocket. All hell will break lose on them … a hell not of their making. Their plan is to kill 6 billion 875 million people in the very near here and now … but they weren’t planning on joining the ranks of the dead themselves. However, things won’t go exactly as they plan.

      As for you, Stan Sikorski … people who hate and want to watch the bonfire of others’ burning are going to be fitted with bodies of destruction for eternity, and put into gehenna. See the sun? that’s a body of destruction … with the power of about 40 billion nuclear bombs going off per second; and it’s self-perpetuating. Gehenna (outer darkness) are the black holes the Lord’s coalescing to form the bigtime, giant hell out of (post-white throne judgment); and into that hell will all the wicked be thown, including those who hate and those who love to enjoy watching others’ destruction. But you can’t see anything in a black hole (it’s pitch dark, except around the event horizen); so you’ll get to feel the destruction by being forever imprisoned in a body of destruction, in an inescapable gravity well (God’s trash bin).

      The Lord reads hearts … so if you don’t want the above to occur to you forevermore, change your mind and heart.

  7. dave May 3, 2012 at 9:07 pm - Reply

    I think it is fairly obvious that if true . it will be used to instigate a false flag incidence . Given that most of the so called democratic governments of the Western world are corrupt and dont care who knows it. we can say that the world is in deep shit and given that the cancer of the ME [ Israel] will be involved . one can be certain that evilness is afoot . and Israel and its puppets are the epitomy of evilness . little wonder that Jesus is reputed to have called the Jews a nest of vipers!!

  8. Clint May 3, 2012 at 8:16 pm - Reply

    It’s the port of “Bremerhaven”…it’s where all of the cars come in port for the American military over there. Hence, you can be guaranteed there is an auspice of American authority over this situation…just my opinion.

  9. Sultan Sarfraz Khan May 3, 2012 at 4:27 pm - Reply

    A Horrible state of affairs. Will they still blame Al-Qa’ida for this? In coming few weeks there will be a headline in International media ” Al-Qa’ida suspected in having Nukes capabilities”.

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