Nuclear Weapons: 20 facts they don't want you to think about



Nuclear weapons: twenty specifics they you should not want you to imagine about

(Politicians and their Armageddon equipment)

 Nuclear arsenals – who desires them? A coterie of politicians.

Why do they want them? – For the illusion of energy and to feed their egos.

How do they keep them? – By fostering a society of anxiety.

How do they do that? – By positing a Threatening and Unidentified Upcoming.

 There are five main nuclear weapons states (and four many others from proliferation). The politicians of these five nuclear states put the long run of the citizens of all the other 187 states of the UN at possibility as nicely as their individual citizens simply because of their insistence in trying to keep their nuclear arsenals.

In no scenario have the citizens been questioned if they want these arsenals.

The reason these politicians want these Armageddon weapons is simply because they believe it provides them stature and energy tends to make them players receives their feet underneath the top rated table. For this perceived personalized profit they are organized to put the survival of the human race at possibility.

Nuclear arsenals are the ruthless tools of energy-fixated people today.

 In order to keep their arsenals, these people today will have to keep the citizens in ignorance. We have a obscure dread of these points and what they can do. Humanity has a residual group memory of the unspeakable suffering of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But this is very terrifying. We you should not want to imagine about it. And that satisfies the energy junkies just good. Ignorance is energy – for the junkies – but not the citizens.

If the reality about nuclear weapons was known there would be hundreds of thousands demonstrating in metropolitan areas round the globe. The arsenals would be dismantled. (By ‘known’ is meant seriously known not just an strategy in our heads. Recognized in the way we know a liked person has died or we have been identified with a lifetime-threatening disease).

The consequences of nuclear explosions on persons defy the creativeness and our skill (and willingness) to ponder these types of levels of human suffering. But how can we make rational judgements if we do not experience the nightmarish specifics?

 Reciting specifics will not ensure the required degree of figuring out. But it is a start out – the foundation for significant evaluation.

 So below are twenty specifics they you should not want you to imagine about:-

 There are at the very least 23,000 nuclear weapons1 in existence: enough to wipe out the entire human populace of the earth numerous situations over.

 Of the 23,000 nuclear weapons in existence around 2,five hundred are on High Alert2. This signifies they are ready to be released at a moment’s detect.

 The missiles providing nuclear weapons to their concentrate on travel at speedier than a thousand miles in four minutes3.

 The only way our armed forces have of figuring out if a nuclear assault is in progress is by means of an digital early warning system. This system, like all digital devices, is subject matter to malfunction.

 When the digital warning system signals that a nuclear assault is in progress the army chiefs of staff have a make a difference of minutes to make your mind up if the warning is accurate or untrue.

 If the chiefs of staff instruct the Prime Minister/President that an assault is in progress he has a make a difference of minutes to make your mind up if this facts is responsible and to press the button launching a retaliatory strike.

 Central London would be completely destroyed by a single megaton bomb.

 One particular these types of bomb would, because of to the blast alone, induce ninety eight% fatalities from Westminster to the Town of London and from Lambeth to Marylebone.

 A modelled assault on Detroit (when the populace was one.32 million) predicted that a single one megaton bomb exploded higher than the town would induce up to 630,000 fatalities and accidents from blast alone. 83% of the populace would be instantly killed or hurt. Several of the remaining populace would die or put up with terribly from the consequences of radioactive fallout.

 One particular five megaton nuclear bomb has as substantially explosive energy as all the explosives used in the 2nd globe war.

 If a nuclear energy station or nuclear waste disposal web page ended up the concentrate on of a nuclear assault it has been estimated that the resulting contamination would address an spot virtually three situations that of Wales.

 Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki referred to the pain and suffering as ‘indescribable’ and ‘hell on earth’. Inevitably some survivors of Hiroshima arrived in hospital somewhere else. This sort of was their degree of suffering that when a nurse entered the ward they screamed for her to eliminate them.

 There have been many crises given that 1945 when the globe came within a hair’s breadth of nuclear war. Our luck will run out. The system is held primed at all situations.

 In one particular disaster a single male saved the globe from destruction. If Stanislav Petrov, in 1983 experienced instructed his Russian superiors that his digital displays ended up signalling a massive nuclear assault from the US there would have been a world wide nuclear war. He did not inform them and the signals turned out to have been because of to a malfunction.

 A nuclear war would induce a blanket of particles in the atmosphere that would blot out the sun’s rays and end result in the death of the vegetation on which lifetime relies upon. This would be in addition to the death to persons, animals and crops triggered by the explosive energy, the radiation and the shockwaves.

 Each of the weapons carried on the Uk Trident submarine is 7 situations more harmful than the Hiroshima bomb which killed one hundred forty,000. The Uk Trident submarine carries 16 Trident missiles. Every missile can contain three No. a hundred kiloton weapons. A single submarine is built to have over 300 situations the harmful energy of the Hiroshima bomb.

 The nuclear weapons on a single Trident submarine can ruin over 40 million persons (extrapolating from Hiroshima).

 The Uk nuclear arsenal alone has the harmful energy to ruin over eighty% of the 195 cash metropolitan areas of the globe.

 We in the Uk have four Trident submarines our ally, the US, has 14.

 Trident renewal will value the taxpayer ninety seven thousand million lbs yet it is entirely ineffective in opposing any actual present danger.

 We ignored the threats from the banking system until finally the 1st financial institutions started out to collapse. Then we took crisis motion.

We are behaving in the exact same way with the immeasurably more harmful nuclear weapons arsenals. If we hold out until the 1st nuclear weapons are released no crisis motion will assistance the hundreds of thousands of dead and dying. Our energy-obsessed politicians will have finished their irretrievable worst.

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Jim McCluskey

September 2010



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