by The Heretic same here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2mC9e1MVJ0 http://www.youtube.com/watch ? v = video source _oa8T3o3n5U : …



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  1. bgstarider says:

    I think the key will be your community . where you live is going to be your fort . we won't be able to travel much more then 20 miles a day . so get to know your neighbors . My neighbors are both black and white and we live in the county . we all have land and are working class . I feel for those living in cities . they won't stand a chance I hate the thought that something like this will happen . I've seen it before . it's very ugly .

  2. I live in the city or not far from it, most my neighbors are white, but I rarely have much to say to them, sad. Because of the distractions of modern technology and family values, people have become more anti-social. I agree with you 100% regarding the cities, I'm really thinking about getting out now. I have no family of my own, or a wife but I know it's going to occur in my lifetime. There is a place I would like to go, but doesn't have much work there and the people are semi retired.

  3. bgstarider says:

    I'm really not a prepper, but just the same I do recommend that people get out of the cities . If for no other reason then taxes and silly laws that city folk seem to want . I have lived in big cities before , but that was a long time ago . We on my road all know each other and wave , but don't depend on each other for a whole lot . we watch each others land and talk occasionally . and I like it this way a lot better then the city . Our climate is better . not a whole lot of pollution .

  4. bgstarider says:

    I have 3 acres in lower Alabama , or L.A. as we call it . I could live off the land and help my neighbors if it came to that . and provide a defense . I hope and prey it never comes to that here . I had to go to central America in the 80's during a take over of a country . there was so much cruelty and chos and killing . I still have nightmares 30 something years later . But what I see and hear on the news just so reminds me of that time down there . all the laws and regulations .

  5. bgstarider says:

    Coming Out of d.c. now are just bringing it all back and yet we just reelect the same people . I hope the tea party or something like it changes that . if not , I fear at the very least the economy will break down . Everread Atlas Shrugged ? wrote in 1957 the year after I was born and so coming true today . Best of luck to you Mr, stonycool . Keep in touch if there's any advice I can help you with , you know my youtube address . luckhiem !!

  6. I actually live in Brisbane Australia, I would like to go to Leith North Dakota USA because there's a guy that lives there that has the right idea. We have Africans immigrating to this city now especially the south part. I know already that the crime rates from Somalians and Sudanese are getting bad, not to mention the Pacific Islanders.I know for certain in the next 10 years I can't imagine how bad it's going to get. My mother is getting older but she can't see what's happening like I can.

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  8. roy irwin says:

    we start no war but we will finish it. Obama you can run but you cant hide.

  9. ….but…the fact remains, USA has the means to become a manufacturing titan overnight if needed….this point refutes the whole premise of this except it is likely true, we will instigate WW3 to hide a financial reset…to occupy the masses with something so more horrendous than financial collapse, they wont give two shitz.  This is why I have no worries about my student loans…they will be up in smoke in next 2 years.

  10. Darth Vader says:

    The us lost the vietnam war because they could not produce enough weapons and they will lose even today.. they still have 40 years old weapons like the m1a1 abrams and m4 rifle.. and the people are getting brainwhased by the goverment 

  11. Habib Haque says:

    this   time   u.s   will   lose….because  many  country  is  raising  supper   power   like  china, rassia  …no   easy   for   u.s.a    dill   with   them  …see   the  su   series …j    series…no   easy   for   u.s   this   time…

  12. Phil Hughes says:

    only good jew is a dead jew problem solved 

  13. Steve Huff says:

    Strange game the only winning move is not to play. 

  14. Excellent analysis.

  15. amerca will fall china and Russia and Iran has more powerful weapons than USA and europe

  16. ChessmanX says:

    Well according to the Bible Babylon is the one that falls.. which means Nato will lose.. Babylon was considered a ruling of nations.. Which is why the King of Babylon claimed the bright and morning star.. anyone that claimed the bright and morning star was considered a ruler of Nations.. which is why Jesus was considered the bright and morning star.. People think Lucifer and Jesus are one and the same because both claimed the bright and morning star, not understanding the true meaning.. Which is why Jesus says in the beginning of Revelations that he who over comes will be given the bright and morning star also.
    United Nations is Babylon.. and according to Bible prophecy.. its the one that falls

  17. The Prophet says:

    The world war has already started. America instigated it by causing a jihad. And the maker of this video is right America will be destroyed. It's a shame but what do you expect when you take the one true God out. Here is what God says about Jesus in Numbers 24, and God brought him forth out of Egypt. He has as it were the strength of a unicorn. He shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with his arrows. He crouches, he lays down as a lion, and a great lion. Who shall stir him up? Blessed is he that blesses you and cursed is he that curse you. REPENT AMERICA if it is not too late already.

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