NWO: Russia and India Back China’s Call for NEW WORLD ORDER



Russia and India included their voices on Monday to China’s get in touch with for a new environment order and endorsed Beijing’s designs to mark the seventieth anniversary of the conclusion of the 2nd environment war.

The overseas ministers of the 3 nations achieved in the cash for talks just a week right after US President Barack Obama designed a substantial-profile vacation to India.

Immediately after Monday’s conference, President Xi Jinping gave a good assessment of China’s ties with the two nations, inspite of New Delhi’s clear distrust toward Beijing.

In a joint communique, the 3 nations vowed to “create a far more just, truthful and stable worldwide political and economic order” and a “multi-polar” environment.

Russian International Minister Sergey Lavrov said all states ought to be associated in making “a modern day safety architecture” in the Asia-Pacific his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi , said the location ought to not be caught up in a zero-sum game.

“We advocate the theory of partnership relatively than alliance,” Wang said.

The 3 nations also gave their assistance to attempts to set 2nd environment war commemorations on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly.

“We will be celebrating the seventieth anniversary of the UN and the world’s victory versus fascism. This provides a excellent chance for nations in the environment to cherish record and look ahead to the future,” Wang said.

Lavrov and Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj backed the get in touch with, with Lavrov indicating the environment wanted to be on warn for fascism. “We need to don’t forget the tragic lesson of the events of those people a long time,” he said.

China has sought to spearhead attempts for the anniversary, a transfer that some observers have explained as an endeavor to exert strain on Japan. A navy parade will be held in Beijing in September, to which Russian President Vladimir Putin is predicted to be invited.

The web hosting of the two overseas ministers is viewed as an endeavor by Beijing to present a united worldwide entrance as a counterbalance to Washington, right after Obama’s take a look at to India.

Through Obama’s vacation, India and the US said independence of navigation ought to be guarded across the South China Sea, above which Beijing statements sovereignty.

But Xi was good on Sino-Indian ties as he fulfill Swaraj yesterday, indicating the romance experienced “entered a new phase”.

http://www.scmp.com/news/china/article/1699900/india-russia-back-get in touch with-new-environment-order


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  1. i hope for a united world, doesnt have to be bad, humanity can be happy united

  2. don bora says:

    you can't trust China. it is threatening ASEAN countries as well as aligned with NATO ally Pakistan, the terrorist hub. China is a thorn to this Union.. ASEAN and India are pushed by China towards Americas side..Russia is helpless

  3. It is always good to have better/stable relations with troublesome neighbors (China) than hugging distant friends with similar interests (US, Europe). I appreciate the India's decisive efforts to remain allied in the region (Asia) if there's again gonna be bipolar scenario. The hell torn Pakistan is a live example of allying with US against Soviet in past. Indians are not so dumb.

  4. this man talking shit.

  5. Trm play says:

    up coming years 2040 to ever india , s economy will be at no.2

  6. Om Sujesh says:

    Dumbo red half Beck necks tried hard to sell his propaganda..

    Why they are so Dumbo, because they have fluorine mixed tap water..

  7. India has no economy…I don't think they can do anything

  8. bademoxy says:

    make me laugh! the real new world order is the Soviet union part2!
    the marxists murdered 40 million and were never punished after the collapse-because they stayed in power -putin is one of them.
    china killed a comparable number but avoided financial collapse because nixon threw them a u.s. market access lifeline hoping to get out of vietnam with china blocking soviet expansion into south vietnam-(which didn't work).so china commie party saved their ass with limited industrial capitalism.
    so both china and russia are facing the same problem- they both depend heavily on western trade- chinese slave labor shit to walmart and russia selling the oil they slaughtered chechnyans for to the EU.
    if their customers collapse or seek alternate sources (america now fraks oil and got into a Transpacific Trade Pact which excludes china), then these commie mob bosses end up with millions of angry desperate citizens ripe for revolt.
    all they'll be able to do is try to misdirect them to attack outsiders.
    south korea, japan and india knows this-is why they're expanding their navies like crazy.
    australia and tiawan ,phillipines and even vietnam realize who wants to rob them,too.
    the EU will disintegrate-but NATO will become even stronger ,adding to the 7 million soldiers they could deploy to contain russia.
    if pakistan and maybe indonesia sides with china, then they can forget india's help, especially if a new american president finally kicks pakistan's ass and woos india
    away from russian arms deals.
    turkey may or may not stay in nato ,while iran is an uncertainty. perhaps both may stay neutral.

  9. avijit3001 says:

    What is there to fear? Why is this man sounding as being afraid?

  10. angel666 says:

    And New order will be !

  11. It is about George Soros wanting a NWO.

  12. Kellyrizzo93 says:

    you my friend , are a nerd .

  13. video6702 says:


  14. farahnet1 says:

    Russia has thrown out the Globalist Bankers. You are  very wrong. They hate him for it.Russia will never answer to the NWO He seems to love his own country . Our President hates America .

  15. ok Obama and NATO want a New World Order., but China and Russia and India also want a New World Order., this shit is getting old lol

  16. Balaji Kumar says:

    this video is stupid !!! seems it is smoking somewhere under the hood!!! is it the west ?

  17. Ans tpp says:


  18. WTF, they are just increasing their economy nothing else..

  19. They are talking about 'BRICS' the new union bank of Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa. Insurance against dollar based economic disaster.

  20. The new world order by Senior bush is where the USA dominates the rest of the world dictated by Israel. China and Russias nwo is based on a concept of multi polarity and respect of sovereign nations unlike what the USA is imposing now…don't be fooled by the words..The USA and Israel plus the west's are hel bent on imposing their nwo. whereas Russia and China is based on a totally different concept…look what Russia and China are doing around the world…conducting business with the locals with mutual benefits instead of the USA bombing the shit out of nations that do not obey

  21. eric Barnes says:

    how can we trust what you say about Russia or china you don't know what your talking about stop confusing the people

  22. They want a true renewal and not to continue with OWO like the West and calling it NWO . Try to present news correctly .

  23. Kevin Becker says:

    I have known this for 20 years telling people and now it is finally coming out. Amazing! Good work on this!

  24. Ken Berg says:

    What on Earth are you talking about? This has nothing to do with China, Russia, or, especially India. Why do you think China is building defensible positions on man made islands? Russia and China are going to kick the crap out of us soon. They know what's going on. If they were in on it, we'd already be in a new govt. They need to lock up your PC and make you go play outside for a while. You show me a Russian, Indian, or Chinese currency with NWO on it, and I'll bask in your glow. Until then. Stop it!

  25. jignesh das says:

    white people always fear that colored nations and colored people will get better jobs and better life. well we work hard and we deserve it. its time that those world which were exploited by bad buissness deals were revived to democratic upliftment and prosperity. wake up!! there is no conspiracy here ..

  26. Yes but there are two models of the NWO:
    -the dominative monopolized Western model and
    -the cooperative Eastern mode
    Do You understand what cooperation, collaboration means ?

  27. Hmm….. sounds great but keep it lower profile to avoid jealousy

  28. dw wd says:

    Idiot! The so called new world order calling by Russia, China, and India is different from the one in the west!

  29. That is the way to go.Why not?They can have NATO,EU and want to control the whole world.West do not want other countries to form a group.Thanks to strong leaders of new generation,we will soon see united asia for the interest of Asia.Japan and South Korea need to wake up.They can not be calling U.S as their step father forever if they want to live on their own dignity.All Asian countries must forget and forgive the past and develop unity among them.Europe countries fought for long enough;WW1,WW2.Now they get E.U for all of their gain against developing countries not only from Asia also from Africa and Latin America.I do pray all attempts for white dominance will be erased soon or equally confronted by united developing countries.

  30. Vatican call to Established New world Order Admin as Unipolar world order which is dangerous To all Human lives at Risk under Single US lead dominated Control just not what world wants to get in to this pure power struggle going on now

  31. no no no
    how about?
    dog meat eatings contries  fight? only?
    why? thats right?
    doges too frend!!
    lets do it now fuckin asshores!!!! right now!!!
    let do com on give agun 
    give a nife!!!

  32. STORMLORD says:


  33. Aaron Gordon says:

    This video is wrong, the nwo America, Europe, and UN countries are setting theirs up in a bad way the 133 countries in the UN, Russia, China, and India are out of their agenda and creating their own and the American and Europeans nwo backfired when Russia and China stopped using the US dollar and backfired with the Ukraine incident. If WW3 starts this is the reason why. Now your thinking "these communists are good guys"?? Possibly they can they are still bad but when it comes to our freedom and democracy yes we should side with Russia for our safety and not be slaves.

  34. Rock Vander says:

    The old world order is not fair, that's the reason. Or at least there should be a new Asian order without US.

  35. flamesoff says:

    This is just an adequate response to US hegemony.

  36. VideogamEs says:

    without these countries you wouldnt be making videos/or living how you did now..so live up to our resources western baby killers

  37. India will never ever Be a part of any of these groups Be it China or USA. Post 2nd world we as Indian pursuing As independent Forgen policies. We want our development and can't do With all the developed nations either it is USA or China. Our two biggest business partner are China and USA. Russia is our all weather friend. India and China fought a war but Still doing business together. You have to understand that India is not britain we will never adopt any USA or Chinese Polices until or unless they don't benefit Indian interest. To protect our Territory from China we show good Gesture with USA and We show the good friendship with China so USA doesn't get any illusion and Interfere in Indian Politics. India doesn't care about any world order. If China is becoming Counter of USA then we are happy and if Only USA remain only one they can't Harm us the way thn ey couldn't in past. So chill guys. And Enjoy the drama.

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