OBAMA DECLARES Conclusion OF REPUBLIC & Starting OF NEW Entire world Get!

Website link to Speech: https://www.youtube.com/view?v=ZD9YvgTtQWE


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  1. A.J. Deutsch says:

    Pray, pray harder that Trump is good. He is our president, hopefully he isn't with satan. Pray that he isn't. God will hopefully save us, God will save us. Or God will save all of his true people. We can only hope.

  2. When a video ad pops up, I refresh my tap even if it's only 5 seconds long.

  3. nokomis mn says:

    Now that we've learned Mr. Trump was selected, it seems the republic is giving way to a monarchy. Mr. Trump has not one, not two, but three male heirs to assume the throne after him.

  4. The pledge of allegiance didn't always have under God

  5. Yahushua is black btw….

  6. Judy bug says:

    You know I was thinking the same thing. How in the world was Trump running for president without getting threatened. are killed. I believed he was different but your exactly right

  7. Who the hell would think that sexist pig would be the savior

  8. Politics and ALL OF THOSE INVOLVED, especially after the year 2000, REGARDLESS OF THEIR POLITICAL PARTY, are stupid and/or corrupt.
    Why is that SIMPLE AND OBVIOUS FACT so difficult for most people to understand?!

    Politics, like religion, does nothing but divide people.
    Humanity needs to put away childish things such as religion and politics.

  9. non bio says:

    what does that mean? 1 president for the world? Obama?

  10. (CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM) you really contradict yourself when you say don't let them persuade you to believe what they say. But then you said that Obama said that basically its the end of the republic. but you said before we should not listen to what they say because they are liars and satanist. so should i listen to Obama or you? i'm really confused…. because you told me to then you told me not to then you told me to . i agree the government is corrupt but i don't think all of them have rituals and make sacrifices to Satan.

  11. skellumfh says:

    If its 2017 and there's no "new world order", will you apologize and admit you made it up?

  12. Gideon Seal says:

    you religious nuckle heads, the Bibles been re written 4 times, where was the holy spirit the first time? So who said he was there the last time??? Who said it wasnt the NWO who changed it the last time to a fake Bible? Now you want to sit and wait to be slaughtered by NWO because the Bible said so. These guys killed Christ and all his dessiples and many more. Just fucking wake up…

  13. End of the Republic rinse of the Empire

  14. Lordani66 says:

    The Illuminati card game from IDK 20 years ago? It shows one card that is called "Enough is Enough" and it has Trump's face on it, which clearly implies that Trumps is just a puppet that plays the role of a guy that fianlly says "enough", but in fact he is just a set up guy (because how would they know it back in 1993?). But we, Christians, shouldn't be afraid. In faith we can be calm and we should only fear God, not any NWO agenda, or the illuminati.

  15. Christine says:

    "plans to have twelve up and running before the 2016 elections."
    "The facilities, which were ordered and authorized through two-dozen executive orders by President Barack Obama the day he took office on January 20th, 2009"

  16. brian daly says:

    This fool tells us that this is the end of the republic , who the fuck is this fool , America is a Christion nation ,Obama isn't even his name  , his real name is Barry Sotario , that's enough reason to impeach him right there . Who gives a fuck what this nigger says kill it America before it kills you , new world order is disorder , destruction by designee , we all need to stand now against this tyranny before our world is lost to scum like this beast .

  17. G Star says:

    you are dumb this video is stupid wtf you talking about gtfoh. jjajjjjaaaaja

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