Obama Is Going Down


Occasions of the most recent a few days make it clear that President Obama is going down- -and quick. His own Democratic Party crushed his unhindered commerce bill in the Senate by a phenomenal close consistent “no” vote on Tuesday.

Obama Is Going Down

Albeit there is consequent talk of a bargain on four executioner changes that were requested by Senate Democrats, there is no sureness that the reestablished exertion will succeed; and the votes are not there in the House.

Obama’s awful boycotting of the Moscow remembrance of the annihilation of Hitler exploded in his face, the same number of world pioneers, especially from Asia, joined with President Putin in praising humanity’s triumph over despotism 70 years prior.

The most recent evidence that Obama’s White House days are numbered, came yesterday, when rational U.S. institutional powers interceded, and Secretary of State John Kerry made a trip to Sochi, Russia, for eight hours of converses with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and President Putin. The goal of the discussions was to de-heighten the British-Obama incitements against Russia before they came to the point of nuclear war. Kerry conveyed a reasonable message that normal circles in Washington mean to resume joint effort with Russia on war shirking. The clearest open articulation of this expectation came amid the joint press accessibility by Kerry and Lavrov, taking after the four-hour meeting with President Putin, when Kerry conveyed an unmistakable cautioning to Ukrainian President Poroshenko to back off from arrangements to resume military activities to retake the Donetsk Airport.

There are different evidences that discussions with Iran are advancing towards a P5+1 understanding before the June 30 due date. This makes it all the more earnest that the Anglo-Saudi war arrangements be left dead speechless -by the proceeded with preparation to constrain the arrival of the 28 pages from the first Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11.

This week, Seymour Hersh passed the cover over the Saudi-Obama Big Lie deception around the murdering of Osama Bin Laden. In a 10,000- word piece, Hersh uncovered that Bin Laden was executed in a planned death, designed with the Saudis. There was no flame battle with Al Qaeda monitors. There was no torment inferred proof that prompted the area of Bin Laden’s Pakistani safehouse. Not one single subtle element of the “official” Administration record was genuine -and throughout putting out one lie after the other, Obama double-crossed the very Pakistani military authorities who turned over the key data and introduced US professional killers into Bin Laden’s unguarded compound, where he was, in actuality, under house capture by the Pakistani ISI.

Lyndon LaRouche remarked on Wednesday that the advancement on the P5+1, joined with the Kerry talks in Sochi and the proceeding with Democratic rebellion against Obama, additionally implies that the drive to dump Obama is on a quickened direction, and could imply that the approaching monetary victory can be turned away. This, he focused on, must be the aim.

With Obama down, it is conceivable to rapidly wipe out the money related misrepresentation, and, through crisis enactment, dispatch another budgetary and fiscal structure to resuscitate the profitable economy. This starts with the quick restoration of Glass- Steagall. There must be a restoration of the beneficial economy, implying that the betting obligation and the other waste must be wiped out and punished. Glass-Steagall is more vital than any other time in recent memory, given the present setting. Credit must be produced for valuable generation, particularly for preparing of another era of talented laborers. We must develop the broke groups around the nation that have been crushed by the monetary strategies of the previous 40 years, and veritable financial development must be restored on a logically quickening scale.

To put it plainly, the present framework must be turned around, and the parasites need to go.

The movement that has occurred in the late days is the result of a few individuals confronting the truth that the world was made a beeline for nuclear eradication, and that the survival of humanity was specifically hanging in the balance. The choice is clear: It would be past frenzy to run the danger of such a destiny, thus, moves must be made to upset the British-Wall Street urgent hurry to war.


Kerry: Use of Force by Poroshenko Would Be Destructive of Minsk Agreement

The consistent subject of the Obama Administration and its NATO partners has been to place the total of the fault for proceeded with fighting in southeast Ukraine on Moscow. Hence, as indicated by this line of thinking, if the Minsk assention fizzles, it is on account of Russia has not held up its end of the deal. It ought to be huge, along these lines, when Secretary of State John Kerry counsels the Kiev administration for considering the continuation of brutality to accomplish its objectives in the Donbass.

Kerry’s remarks came amid a joint press preparation in Sochi with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on May 12. An individual from the Russian media requested that Kerry remark on the general population promise, made by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko a couple of days prior, to retake the Donetsk airplane terminal by power, if important. Kerry said, by State Department transcript, that he hadn’t heard the discourse,

“however, in the event that surely President Poroshenko is pushing an engagement in an intense exertion as of now, we would emphatically ask him to reconsider not to take part in that sort of movement, that that would place Minsk in genuine danger.”

Kerry went ahead to assume the best about Poroshenko, that possibly he was discussing the long haul, however he cautioned that

“resort to constrain by any gathering right now would be amazingly ruinous at a minute when everybody has united the working gatherings, the working gatherings have met, and the working gatherings have a capacity to attempt to give a way ahead on those issues that a hefty portion of us have been worried about throughout the span of the most recent months.”

Lavrov, remaining by Kerry, said that he “totally” concurred with him and that “any endeavors to draw in again in a compelling situation could be truly undermining the endeavors that we have been taking.

By and large, Kerry went through four hours meeting with Lavrov and an additional four hours meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Notwithstanding talking about the Ukraine emergency and the earnest need to completely execute the Minsk Accords, they examined the P5+1 arrangements with Iran, and appear to have especially examined the current Syria circumstance, on the eve of the Obama meeting at Camp David, Thursday, with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) agents (occasions start Wednesday night with a White House feast), which will occur throughout the day.

Indeed, the Kerry visit to Sochi was, in itself, a political upset against Obama and the British, who have been on a jihad against Putin and Russia since the starting of Nuland’s Nazi overthrow in Kiev in November 2013. Washington sources made clear that the Kerry trek was made conceivable by an in number intercession by rational strengths in Washington, including inside of the Pentagon and JCS, who saw the world headed towards atomic termination and needed to act. These sources reported that the open, eye to eye dialog between Kerry, Lavrov, and Putin was a noteworthy, though initial move towards de-heightening the threat of general war.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Who wrote this dry article? It sounds like it was translated from a foreign-language English dictionary.

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    RETIRE all DHS and NSA personnel honorably and decommission these pernicious agencies. Ritually plow under many key NSA and DHS hard assets in public ceremony, convert at least one high profile asset into a public museum dedicated to “Public Awareness of Tyranny.” Sell all non-militarized agency vehicles in advertised public auctions. Sell off the balance of DHS and NSA buildings. Ceremoniously melt down their hardware and remove all snooping devices. Identify their off shore foreign and/or floating physical assets, then destroy them in a similar public ceremonial fashion.

    OVERSIGHT WITH TEETH: Continue the CIA with Congressional oversight by 10% (43 Congressional members) of elected House members with special congressional exemption freedom to publicly disclose “minority oversight opinions” of congressional oversight committee members, in the public interest. Increase the penalty of lying under oath to the congressional oversight of the CIA, to treason, punishable by life in prison. Restrict subpoena powers of congress to exclude a sitting U.S. President or his legal counsel and members of the House and Senate and their legal council. Publicly admonish the CIA to refrain from absorbing the decommissioned tasks of the NSA and DHS.

    SEEK TRUTH TALKERS FOR PRESIDENT: Then find a person of sufficient character serving as President of the U.S. willing and freely able to deliver a keynote speech on a “New Era of Truth, Transparency and Forgiveness.” Bring the US into The New Era; announce that all federal agencies will for the first time adopt an “All Agency Computerized Bookkeeping System” that publicly accounts where every dollar goes with no Black Ops exemptions.

    NATIONAL DEFENSE: Defend and protect our liberty and freedom through our US Marine Corp, a US Air Force, an Army, and a US Navy. Render official “Disclosure.” Prohibit GMO outsourcing for national defense. Halt chemtrails and HAARP weather and geo-physical warfare in public speech explaining their growing adverse nature. Start a non-classified transfer to private corporate production for sale to the public of secret technologies for teleportation and zero point energy.

    RETRAIN OR POLICE: Require all police departments to return the police toys received from federal grants over the past 10 years, back to the nearest national armories, or return the equivalent money received by the police departments to the U.S. Treasury,…. with the exception of personal police body camera’s so long as the department has a retraining program for police to protect and serve as compared to confront and concur. Make a public list available of police department compliance progress updated every month. Advise in advance there will be a cut off of community grants inside 12 months to communities not complying.

    REFORM BANKING FINACE, THE ROTTEN APPLE OF HUMANITY: Propose legislation to Nationalize the Federal Reserve. Unilaterally initiate and force the Federal Reserve’s cooperation with the issuance of Constitutionally authorized and printed US Treasury Direct Dollars.

    Call back in all Federal Reserve Notes.

    Now just find me a US Presidential Candidate for 2016 that will do these things, and post it in the comments below please!

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