Obama Lies and Deception – Professor Griff Infowars Documentary full interview – Illuminati 2015


http : //www.truthtalktunes.com/ the Dopest Conscious Hip – Hop 24/7 !! Infowars.com presents our interview with innovative rap artist Professor Griff of Public …


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  1. Chevere4U says:

    Brotha needs to hit the spanish community. If my spanish was a little better I would host a show like this. I am not afraid. I think he curses to express how he feels. Some curse words come from my mouth, even though I believe in Christ. I just feel at that time so eager to express my feelings. Cant blame him to curse. Sometimes it cant be controlled we are not perfect and yes we can strive to be perfect.

  2. Cammy Mc. says:


  3. moodmuzik says:

    Man could you just imagine of 2Pac would of lived!?

  4. Surfonic says:

    A lot of secret shit behind all this and people that are blind on youtube gives their opinion knowing nothing.

  5. One hour of complete garbage. Glad I stopped watching after 3 minutes of this nonsense. Paranoid delusions! I don't believe anything professor Griff says after a personal conversation with him on Facebook. I will pray that his followers wake up and stop believing in this type of nonsense.

  6. good topics and u forgot to mention propaganda the usa loves it!! Tell the people about the BILDERBERG Group these are the real systems of control head by the global elite

  7. Steve Nelson says:

    Really interesting this is from 2013 and PG is mentioning the power within the media to confuse and manipulate the masses. June 2015 Trump comes out and says he is running for president and Bammm!! non-stop we are flooded with negative Trump stories. I don't know who, what, why etc any of the candidates stand for, yet the Media is publically beating the crap out of one man who has his own money and own opinion.
    Weird and nutty stuff. Wake up there is a whole world out there literally burning- Iraq -Africa and our media focuses on a guy in NY with a hot wife?

  8. BADDASS1NEWS says:

    Where is this guy at on infowars never see him

  9. BADDASS1NEWS says:

    Every watch LOST ? Well shits bout to get weird :)

  10. Professro Griff = Intellectual Juggernaut.

  11. Jill Berry says:

    Thank you for this video. Very informative.. God Bless.

  12. good job professor. Keep up the good fight.

  13. Sounds like a mix of Thomas Sowell and Edward Griffin to me. (Edit I think he actually referenced Griffin in this)

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