Obama Must Start World War 3


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  1. the us are about to get spanked    who do you think you are -USA = NAZI'      the world hate the usa    your gona have the hole world on your bk     you nobheads

  2. SexabIe says:

    I would say we need to learn from history, but there havn't been any government leaders that implemented gun control right before they took over the country. Well except for Hitler, oh and Stalin, and Pol Pot, and Mao Tze Tung, and Idi Amin…

  3. redrobiin says:

    He crazy. Nobody wants war, not even Russia. think about it.

  4. Chris B says:

    Those of the left hand path want war as it brings the world one step closer to their stated goal! Research chaos sorcery and the Hegelian Dialectic.

  5. Andrew Vida says:

    So, how'd those predictions work out for you?

  6. It's so hilarious to watch these videos now and to see, yet again, just how stunningly wrong the right wing is about absolutely everything. I paid $2.20 for gas today thanks to Obama's Iran policies, and that's fascism I can afford.

  7. Groper Tail says:

    O bamas adisgrace my arse your uncle george bush started all this if him and tony blair had of left Iraq alone you would not have issil and no syrian conflict you are a fucking dumb arse history in the pass centteries will tell you all the world conflicts  British are always involved

  8. Wow this guy, he is blabbing out stuff without providing any proof, and seems he was completely wrong about the situation.

  9. Cruzito420 says:

    Does this imbecile still have an audience after being wrong so many times. Just because main stream media rarely reports the whole truth does not mean your gonna get the truth from "alternative" media, half the time this guy spews out pure batshit from his mouth and there's no telling where this guy gets his information

  10. Martin Lucas says:

    Since you are totally wrong and oil prices have totally plummeted since than…? I mean you ended up so wrong its ridiculous do you have a response? It was clearly the republicans recently that want war with Iran with their treasonous actions?

  11. Judy Obrien says:

    Have day this….if a war or military conflict that will be the reason Obama will be allowed to remain in office. These acts will be here in the USA. Brothers agansit brother. Blood will once again run the ground like in the CIVIL. 

  12. halafradrimx says:

    Bet if it was a republican politician there wouldn't be so many deslikes.

    You guys make me sick.

  13. halafradrimx says:

    To all the fucking retards unliking this video :


    Goddamn it, WAKE UP already, America!

  14. once they take our guns were fucked, and idiots laugh. What a shame, I think its time to move to Texas and damn its hot there to fuck

  15. The USA NEEDS war because the monitary pyramid scheme they created is crumbling, all the world is in debt in over theyr head with the USA as the leader far ahead which can just lead to a crash. It´s just a matter of time…

    The US infrastructure is the weakest of all western countries because the corporations never invested. Almost all production went to China and they are also buying US debt. Soon China will be the economic world leader and thats what scares the US goverment. Whole cities are bust. War would reboot theyr economy because all thats left is the military industrial complex that is pushing for more and more war in the middle east to make more profit. Just this time the middle east wont cut it anymore with wall street and banks gambling and then making the people pay for theyr losses. They know they cant go on like that forever without an uprise.

    BUT I dont think they will officially start a war, they will just cause an incident that should lead to war, like in the Ukraine. That didnt work as intended yet and I hope the EU will not let them be forced into a war with Russia because that would be really imbecile.
    And dont even bother saying the Russians attacked the Ukraine (Crimea)… they had a pro russian goverment before snipers caused the first incident that lead to the situation they are in now. Now surprise the goverment is pro EU. This was a deliberate attempt to destabilize the Ukraine not unlike to what they did it with Jugoslavia to split it. There is even an intercepted phone call between the Ukrainian or Crimean head of the embassy and Ms. Nuland where they where talking about who she wants as a new president. That took place about a month before the goverment overthrow in Crimea and the person Newland mentioned was the one who got in power! Also the USA "invested" 5 billion in the Ukraine. What reason could they have to "invest" money there if not to overthrow a goverment to blame it on Russia to create tensions. Certainly not to bring peace, else we´d have peace in the middle east for 30 years already. Instead they supported dictators all around the world until they stopped doing theyr bidding, then they overthrew or had them killed to put another US puppet in place.

    The USA attacked more than 50 countries by bombing, sabotage or attempted goverment overthrow since ww2. I really wonder when all US citicens wake up to the truth of theyr goverment(s) and theyr army being the real terrorists of the world rather than being the force of peace they claim to be.

    IMHO that guy from amtv is hard to listen too. It´s just the way he is talking that is kind of repelling me.

  16. DicksPC - says:

    The only war Obama is going to have is with the american people when they impeach him out of office" Lol

  17. Bush was a puppet. Obama is a puppet. The next president will be a puppet as well.

    The coming elections will merely determine which puppet will be blamed for the coming world war.

  18. call of the war obama please

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