Obama Ordered DHS to Control Hurricanes


Melissa Melton

While the debate rages regarding whether or not the U.S. government uses weather manipulation technology to steer storms like Hurricane Sandy, further evidence shows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been engaged in research to do just that for years.

In 2008, an article in New Scientist discussed a new DHS project that funded research into guiding and directing the intensity of hurricanes.

Citing Hurricane Katrina as the basis for the project, the Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program (HAMP) worked with Project Stormfury veteran Joe Golden and a panel of other experts “to test the effects of aerosols on the structure and intensity of hurricanes.” HAMP was funded under contract HSHQDC-09-C-00064 at a taxpayer price tag of $64.1 million.

In 2009, Richard Spinrad, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) assistant administrator for the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), sent then DHS Program Manager for Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA) William Laska an official memorandum regarding OAR’s review of a “Statement for Work” for HAMP.

“While OAR recognizes that weather modification, in general, is occurring through the funding of private enterprises, NOAA does not support research that entails efforts to modify hurricanes,” Spinrad wrote.

He then went on to list all the reasons Project Stormfury was discontinued, including the inability to separate the difference in hurricane behavior when human intervention is present versus nature’s inherent unpredictability overall. Spinrad also noted that any collaboration with DHS must occur within NOAA’s mission (which Spinrad and NOAA obviously felt HAMP did not do).

NOAA houses the National Hurricane Center, the primary U.S. organization responsible for tracking and predicting hurricanes. Recent budget cuts are expected to hit NOAA’s satellite program, the heart of the organization’s weather forecasting system, by $182 million.

Note that even Spinrad admits the existence of weather modification programs as if its general, accepted knowledge. Although DHS was turned down, the agency moved ahead with their research without NOAA’s participation.

A paper co-written by several participants in the HAMP project including Joe Golden entitled, “Aerosol Effects and Microstructure on the Intensity of Tropical Cyclones,” was released in the July 2012 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. In conclusion, the authors wrote, “We recommend that hurricane reconnaissance and research airplanes are equipped with aerosol and cloud physics instruments and fly patterns that will allow such measurements.” Drone use in “areas where safety concerns preclude aircraft measurements” was also called for.

The spraying of aerosols into the air, otherwise known by the monicker “chemtrails,” is promoted under the guise of geoengineering with a surface excuse to halt global warming. The practice has been openly called for more and more recently, although the chemtrail phenomenon has already been reported across the globe for years now. In the Environmental Research Letters journal, scientists’ most recent geoengineering proposal detailed an “affordable” $5 billion project wherein airplanes will spray sulfur particles in the atmosphere to cool the planet.

In HAMP’s final report, authors concluded, “Pollution aerosols reduced the cloud drop size and suppressed the warm rain forming processes in the external spiral cloud bands of the storms.” It was also mentioned, “During the past decade it was found that aerosols (including anthropogenic ones) substantially affect cloud microphysics,” proving deliberate chemtrailing has been occurring for at least the past ten years.

Though the paper was labeled “final report,” further journal articles regarding HAMP have been released, and the HAMP project was reportedly not scheduled to end until 2016.

The question remains: With its bizarre combination of elements, was deliberate manipulation through HAMP research at play in Hurricane Sandy?

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7 Responses

  1. NOZ CAVAN says:

    Two choices, WHITE CROOK OR BLACK CROOK, The Black Crook won again, the
    1% agenda continues.

  2. H N Dutta says:

    We in India certainly offer our sympathy with the Americans as Sandy curtailed their daily routine and inflicted an injury on the so called most advanced society on mother Earth. But, before thinking of restricting hurricanes, we must realize the following:

    1. Hurricanes are a natural phenomenon and are needed to mix oxygen in the ocean and to clean the ocean by churing it so that the sunlight penetrates much deeper to create basic food for the billions of lives living in the water. Just because, we the humans have multiplied ourselves in numbers, it does not mean, we do not allow other creatures to live on this planet.
    By diffusing hurricanes we would be creating a dead sea or a dead ocean. I have thrice to Antarctica and it is important to find that Antarctica has the highest biological productivity becaues of a series of cyclones that surround it.
    In a country like India, this point is debated everyday, as population has multiplied so much that we are virtually sitting over oceans and we do not wanbt oceans to breath even once in 100 years. Tammimg hurricanes means we will be pushing ourselves to extinction. The harm to the ocean will be so much that it just can’t be imagined.
    I hope, there is a proper debate on the survival of fish et al or the mankind on this planet before we think of touching the most wanted hurricanes on Earth-I wish everyday, India is lashed by a hurricane as our fish stockes are drastically decreasing.

  3. Tebza says:

    ‘The words of wise man preaching science over nature is devilish’ If I had a power I was gonna resurect all the aborted babies and hunt him down indecency coz I am on a mission to repatriate the Novos Ordo Seclorum back to their royalties.

  4. Lew South says:

    ‘While the debate rages regarding whether or not the U.S. government uses weather manipulation technology to steer storms like Hurricane Sandy, . . .” There’s no ‘debate’ about it. There’s just a bunch of fruitcakes saying it’s true, while the rest of us roll our eyes.

    There’s a big difference between controlling the weather & conducting research to see if it’s even possible. Obviously, the US gov’t has been doing the latter–why wouldn’t they?–and not accomplishing too much. And they haven’t kept that fact secret–again, why would they?

    Another commenter said “mindless conspiracism”–well, he hit the nail on the head; that’s all this is.

    • gina santopadre says:

      Then I would like to know, what exactly are the criss cross lines I see in the skies almost daily? And if you say, its from jet engines etc, I will say, no, it isn’t. So then what is it? And whatever it is, you can bet, its falling onto us. We are breathing it and its falling on our food etc. Why are answers so hard to get? There are people who have tested it and they claim its full of metals that are not so good for us to be breathing. As much as I think its just plain crazy our gov would spray our skies, I see it with my own eyes. There is a youtube video, “what in the world are they spraying”. Check it out if you like.

    • Dan Grogan says:

      Lew South sounds like Jew Mouth

  5. mo sheik says:

    why does man compete against nature? man will never be a winner against you creator.

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