Obama Orders ‘Arctic Death Camps’ Built To Hold American Traitors

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By: Sorcha Faal
What Does It Mean

A disturbing report issued by the Russian General Staff to President Medvedev warns today that the North American Security Zone agreement signed this past week between US President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a defacto merging of these two nations and allows the Americans to begin building one of the largest gulag systems [forced labor camps] in modern human history.

According to this report, this new agreement between the US and Canada brings closer to fruition the North American Union between these two nations and Mexico first proposed by President Ronald Reagan on 13 November 1979.

Most ominous about this new agreement, Russian military experts in this report say, is that aside from Canada having to provide the United States with personal information on millions of Canadian citizens, the Americans now have complete control to begin building their long sought after system of labor camps in the Canadian Arctic designed to hold up to one-million of their citizens their President has deemed to be “traitors.”

Virtually unknown to the masses of American people is their Presidents ability to label anyone he so chooses as a “terrorist” or “traitor” enabling him to turn these citizens over to the control of US Military forces who are able to hold them without charges or trial forever.

Even worse, and as we had previously reported on, new laws being passed in the United States now designate their Homeland as a “battlefield” and ordinary citizens who oppose the Obama regime as being “enemies of the state”.

Not content to have the astounding dictatorial powers he already possesses, new reports from the United States are now stating that President Obama is threatening to veto even tougher laws that fail to give him complete control to turn over anyone he so chooses to be jailed by US Military forces.

Russian military legal analysts in this report further detail that Obama’s need to establish these “Arctic Death Camps” in Canada is to keep imprisoned American “traitors” from being able to access the US legal system as they are being tortured, such as the system of secret CIA and US Military prisons established all over the world over the past decade during their so called War on Terror.”

To the type of life these Americans can expect in these “Arctic Death Camps” was recently described by German investigative journalists who uncovered one of these secret US prisons in Romania who, in part, said:

“According to US officials, interviewed anonymously, during their first month in detention the detainees were deprived of sleep, doused with water, forced to stand in painful positions and ‘slapped’. There is a convenient and descriptive shorthand for this kind of treatment which readers in ‘civilised’ countries might find useful – torture. 

One weird detail about the prison chills the blood more than anything else. The six cells were mounted on springs so they were always swaying a little.  Apparently, it’s a good way of keeping people disorientated for long periods of time. God knows where the CIA recruits the sort of people who can dream up this kind of stuff – from the ranks of a heavily armed backwoods militia maybe or perhaps even the Ku Klux Klan.”

Chilling reports coming from the United States state that the US Army has begun training their troops to staff these “Arctic Death Camps” under a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) designed to teach them how to handle civilian detainees and have begun asking their National Guard troops if they would be willing to fire on and kill American citizens.

To the types of Americans labeled as “terrorists” by the Obama regime US Senator Rand Paul this past week warned included anyone having missing fingers, anyone having guns, anyone having weatherproofed ammunition, and anyone having seven days or more of food in their homes. [See video HERE.]

So concerned is the Obama regime about any American citizen having more than seven days of food, new reports from the United States are now saying their Federal government agents are now ordering food companies to supply them with lists of anyone who is buying food in preparation for hard times or disasters.

To any American thinking they aren’t a terrorist they should think again as InfoWars.Com previously reported that secret US government documents they obtained further said these people were enemies of the state if they supported US Congressman Ron Paul, owned gold, or flew the American flag.

To how soon the Obama regime will begin its mass roundup of its own citizens was chillingly revealed this week when new documents were released showing their push to open what are called FEMA detention camps in all 50 States as soon as possible.

The reason behind the Obama regime preparing to unleash its brutal might upon its own citizens was, likewise, was warned about this past week by noted trends analyst Gerald Celente, who during an interview with Russian Today [see video HERE] stated that the US was preparing to establish “Economic Martial Law” shortly after the turn of the New Year.

Sadly for the American people, whose march to communistic serfdom is accelerating with each passing day, was their ignoring the words of Prime Minister Putin who warned of the dangers of any country following the path of communalism by his stating:  “The concentration of surplus assets in the hands of the state is a negative aspect of anti-crisis measures in virtually every nation. In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state’s role absolute. In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated.”

And in what can only be described as the most despotic irony of all, while the Western media has devoted nearly all of its attention on Russian protests which saw nearly 300 arrests, they still refuse to report on the Occupy Protests that have rocked their countries resulting in the brutalizing of peaceful protesters and seen over 5,000 of them jailed.

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  1. Archie1954 December 14, 2011 at 11:36 am - Reply

    This article misses one very important point and that is, if as it ridiculously suggest, such internment camps are built on Canadian territory, they will be subject to Canadian laws and those will not allow torture of any kind or by any name. This is important to understand because unlike the US, if the Canadian government weere found to be supporting such evil it would be summarily dismissed by a vote of no confidence and the US and its campos would be kicked out of the country.

    • Marie December 14, 2011 at 12:22 pm - Reply

      The New World Order does include Canada…..there is nothing the citizens can to stop this! What the NWO doesn’t do to you Islam will! Believe me Canada does support the NWO!

    • MySaskCan December 20, 2011 at 9:01 pm - Reply

      Canada has already been complicit in shipping detainees off to be tortured… and We have a majority government now which means that non-confidence votes no longer apply. Really what we have here is a logistical nightmare – machinery doesn’t work at minus 60 celcius, to house people (political prisoners) there would be costly, you couldn’t feed them as everything would freeze, it would be more economical to house them on their own soil if detention rather than execution is on their minds…..

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