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20 Responses

  1. Teresa a says:

    are you fucking kidding me??? yea religion was the problem in the middleages! our problem now is evil GREED for money and power by the highest elite!!!

  2. Teresa a says:

    yea, i understand religion is as much as a problem as racism, no matter what youre talking about if a human is different than another human (sex, race, religion, etc.) it causes hate. thats just a no brainer. but i was saying that religion is not why our government is fucked up and it wont be the cause of WW3. GREED and POWER will. and dont call me "girl". i am an educated woman, not a little girl.

  3. Teresa a says:

    stop calling me a little girl you fucking bitch. im a grown woman!

  4. wootuser says:

    The wonderfull thing about youtube is the mentally ill can use it to express their paranioa and for a fleeting moment in time they can have an audience.

  5. Mr.Cookie says:

    are's you is the bad guy frum the star wars

  6. syby1112 says:

    Greed is always the prime mover

  7. CODE92818 says:

    Religion a bunch of fairy tales!

  8. Tarik Jones says:

    Who the fuck said that we are not at war. Did they forget about Iran, NK trying to do shit, and where not at war….*Facepalm*

  9. this has nothing to do with religion this is a lie the attacks are real yes but all this is is America trying to extend its conquering hand the world is waking up Russia is waking up its time for America to do the same this also has nothing to do with Obama this is about congress and there ideas

  10. all because of political

  11. Cm punk says:

    All because The World needs a war

  12. detcord1 says:

    Lay of the drugs dude…

  13. hahaha wake up people. Shits gonna happen

  14. Trevor M says:

    Wow… He was high today

  15. This is what you get when liberal, white traitors put a mulatto/muslim in charge of their military. Don't feel sorry for 'em, one bit.

  16. The sponsor for the vid was very awkward…

  17. the only truth is jesus christ. saving the same humanity that ends up in the same hell is a waste if your time. save yourself

  18. bobolinkr says:

    Lay off the weed AMTV, seems like you're inventing as many theories and hypothesis as you can in the hope something you predict might actually happen so you can say 'I told you so'

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