Obama Takes A Major Step Toward WW3


Because the mainstream media is devoting almost all of their time and energy to covering the Trump and Clinton campaigns, most Americans don’t realize that …


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  1. Russia lost too Afghanistan that says it all America is a mega power these stupid people can't even drive let alone bomb us

  2. Boxing 001 says:

    is this real. I thought it was until i saw the news name?? Planet hoax??

  3. macklen2 says:

    10 seconds of what the header says, 10 minutes of blowing Trump. I want this campaign to be over, so Infowars can get back to actually informing.

  4. Joey Saldana says:

    Why did this have to happen

  5. i know I'm not the first..but this host is just straight gorgeous

  6. War in 1,2,3,…………infinity.

  7. your name says:


  8. Per ankh says:

    Headless chicken sydrome. Dont panic. Its that usual Alex whoever doing the fear factor shizz as always.
    War is on no horizon.
    Just have a cup of tea.

  9. RasenBurst90 says:

    If it is just America VS Russia how is it WW3?

  10. lee ann mcadoo has some big tits

  11. Budd Bud says:

    Trump better win

  12. Budd Bud says:

    Trump means peace Russia said hiliary means war Russia
    Fucking choose trump
    We dont want WWIII

  13. Chad Zeller says:

    Trump is Putin's bitch. Sad!

  14. This fucker SOLD 3/4 of the ENTIRE WORLD's weapon cache right before the end of his first term. Most of which landed in Saudi Arabia. (jets, guns, anti air, ect.) Coincidence?
    Then he increases the amount of years that people can come to USA from United Emerites and they get this business LOAN or whatever it is and own every gas station.
    I actually knew a guy that moved to USA, got like $8,000 and he LEFT. Went back to his country. Probably laundered the money or gave it to his family. I don't know anymore. It's all complete BULLSHIT.
    We need a good relationship with Russia. The ONLY country that actually built a monument for USA to commemorate 9/11. (in new jersey)
    But apparently there won't even be an election LOL

    I'm sure Obama will be GONE living in another country growing a beard while shit hits the fan.

  15. Present Obama is 100% correct…. Anyone can say ANY thing and let the mass media propagate opinions masked as factual information, this happens ALL the time! … Groups and individuals who proclaim actual knowledge but have their own agenda should be questioned in terms of their validity BEFORE citing it as fact… Wild Wild West… VERY TRUE!

  16. What they are doing? Obama will start war to Russia so that there's no election on november?

  17. Jack Pringle says:

    You want oil? Then deal with it. Until we switch to an alternative energy source we'll fight over oil until its gone.

  18. Sam says:

    this shit is dumb AF…

  19. Bruce Noname says:

    Yay!! I can see her nipples!!!!

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